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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Gossip from my reader about Mr & Mrs Boss(ex SQ stewardess)

Hi "Uncle Boh Tong"

 I am an avid reader of your blog. Just thought I share one story with you anonymously (please don't put my name if you decide to publish it).

My Mrs Boss used to be an SIA girl herself. She met my boss on First Class then. After some years of marriage and three kids, she discovered my boss turns out to be a professional womanizer.

The plot thickened when she had this revelation that my boss has been flaunting his mistress outrightly in front of our clients. So yes, we (staff) are the last to know his latest mistress is a 24 year old Vietnamese girl hellbent on ousting current wife out and take over as third wife. Their relationship has been on for two years now (and counting).

There's even speculations the mistress did black magic on my boss because the latter has gotten frequent in physically abusing his wife. He then tells his wife he got "possessed" and something is "following him". Many clients are asking why the wife is still sticking around, if not her love can't be that blind!

The eldest son knows the abuse and called his own father a bastard. Yet, nothing changed.

If you are wondering how in the world I know "so much" (yet) so little, I am privileged to maintain good relations with my clients who witnessed the over the years how much of a jerk my boss is. They told me what they saw on a regular basis!

There's more. My boss' ex-mistress is a Thai lady. He actually "passed" her to an unsuspecting business partner. Now she is this new guy's girlfriend. So yes, till today, new boyfriend doesn't know his girlfriend's history. The inner circle is sure the new boyfriend will flip a lid if he finds out her history!

My boss has been misusing funds to finance the Vietnamese girl and drove out many business partners, who were against his actions for obvious reasons.

Having said that, my Mrs Boss is not quite well-liked. I heard many dislike her and she is an SPG. None of us believed when her defence is she loves him deeply. Is it really love or just a lifestyle issue that she cannot part with? It's anybody's guess.

I actually wonder if this Vietnamese girl will be passed to other men to share, since she freeloaded so much.

Still following your blog.


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