These days I blog more about Hong Kong because I like and am concerned about HK. I had my first international nightstop in HK way back in 1968 and somehow is quite sentimental about the place and people.
I hope HK will returned to normality again.
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

SIA stewardesses' uniform...50 years on

Story here


Anonymous said...

Bee Wah really gorgeous (top black & white)!

Anonymous said...

The one in the purple supervisor's uniform looks alright. The rest so-so.

Anonymous said...

Yah.Time and Tide never stop for anyone.Should look for new icon like IT savvy and other criterias.Sin Girl sans make up and overdye hair is greying and one cant keep on dyeing forever,plus it destroy the brain.Plastic is fantastic and botox will be akan datang.Hard Truth.

Anonymous said...

The long haired woman wearing the dress should not be siting in the middle like that while showing off her fat legs. How standards have dropped.

Anonymous said...
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