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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Lion Air crash: Traffic saved Sony Setiawan from doomed Flight JT 610

A traffic jam saved Sony Setiawan's life Monday.

The Indonesian man was booked to fly on Lion Air Flight JT 610, which crashed off the coast of Jakarta around 6:35 a.m. local time, 13 minutes after takeoff. All 189 people on board are presumed dead.

"I usually take (flight) JT610," Setiawan told the Agence France Press wire service.

An official with Indonesia's finance ministry, Setiawan takes the flight from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang Airport in Bangka Belitung Islands Province on a weekly basis along with his colleagues, 20 of whom were believed to have been on Flight JT 610.

But this time, Setiawan got caught up in the Indonesian capital's notoriously bad traffic on his way to Soekarno-Hatta Airport and wound up taking a different flight.

"I don't know why the traffic at the toll road was so bad," said Setiawan, who hails from Bandung in West Java. "I usually arrive in Jakarta at 3 a.m. but this morning I arrived at the airport at 6:20 and I missed the flight."

When he landed and heard the news, he was overcome with emotion.

"I cried. I know my friends were on that flight," he explained.

Recalling his phone call to his family after landing, he shared, "My family was in shock and my mother cried, but I told them I was safe, so I just have to be grateful."

Source : USA Today


Anonymous said...

Third world countries shouldn't have their own airlines. Thousands have died IN Indonesia due to airline disasters. Adam Air,Lion Air,Trigana etc

Anonymous said...

Based on your logic, SIA should not be formed as sgp was still a 3rd world cuntry when it was formed.

Anonymous said...

Not quite. I'm referring to the present time and at present SG isn't third world while Indonesia is.