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Friday, November 9, 2018

The LS was sacked!

The crew who brought excess alcohol into Tokyo had his services terminated 2 days ago.
My source told me his intention was to have a drinking party at Tokyo with his colleagues.   


Anonymous said...

Didnt nimpeh told you his intentions when you first posted? Dumb guy. Organise drinking session, get nothing out of it except the boot.
Booze are cheap in japan. A can of 500 ml asahi is easily obtained just outside room along the corridor from vending machines or at lobby the gift shop. Want other booze, just take foc shuttle to Aeon.
Serve him right. Bow can start drink to your sorrows with the so called gang

Anonymous said...

Nice guys always get the brunt and bad end of the stick.

F_ _Ked up people gets away and talk big about how they
worked for 35 years with such loyalty, appreciation etc.

Some even end up working with safety dept, sit at desk
and sack others.
its tough being a nice guy.

Being evil gets you rewarded.
Being nice gets you the sack.

Counsellors will say its misguided beliefs.