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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Violinist Tries for Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Interview

Most airlines especially Singapore Airlines look for this type of people to be their cabin crew. She is pretty, bubbly and possess the so called "innocent" and "honest" look. I am not surprise to learn that she was instantaneously employed at her very first interview.
As for the video, I am not too sure SIA will allow it. She may or may not be asked to delete the video.


Anonymous said...

A tip for you girl don't blog or post about your job in the social
media or else SQ will sack you.

Anonymous said...

She is probably not employed due to this Youtube post.

Anonymous said...

probably has a brighter future if she become a professional violinist

Anonymous said...

Hi Violinist,My advise is to stay low profile and don't be too clever to blog if you wish to stay long in the airlines.You possess all the qualities that SIA is looking for, and wish you all the best and if you are unable to take the heat of flying,you have your music to fall back to.Good luck.