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Monday, December 24, 2018

Comment from a regular visitor

No love for idiots said...

Being sentimental about youth is normal.
But to attribute living to an employer is too much.
Much of the living was done by self.
The salary is to pay for work done ( how good or bad is another story)
It so happens that work ended up in another city where hotel was provided.

We can look back and find humour in many instances of work.
But when examined in greater detail, the employer could not care how
the service trolley was stowed, why the ovens disconnected from their power
sockets during take off. How the crew removed cling wraps from every one of 326 trays.
How the crew removed each bread roll from each tray just to heat them up again in an oven, which required removing an entire rack of meals in ceramic dishes.

Fun yah?

No oven gloves
Faulty hot water spigots
Faulty hot beverage urns
Toilet bowls choked and resorting to coat hangers to push the shit
Air-conditioning not working due to Auxillary power units unserviceable on ground.
No water for the entire aircraft because some idiot forgot to fill the tanks.
Pilots and aircraft not certified for Catergory 3 take off. landings...therefore sit
and wait for snow, fog. to clear while the rest of the world continues to fly.

Are these within the parameters of managers to improve?
They could not care. Yet the crew did what they could..
.. and excelled.
And its not because there was love for the employer.

Yah... remember only the good stuff... and you will be forever young.

Merry X'mas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday ....

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