These days I blog a lot about Hong Kong because I like and am concerned about HK. I had my first international nightstop in HK way back in 1968 and somehow is quite sentimental about the place and people.
I hope HK will returned to normality again.
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Friday, December 14, 2018

Just 2 of the compliments SIA received in September 2018

1) First time flying Singapore airlines to Japan. And let me tell you something right now! It felt like like business's class to me. Service was absolutely incredible. And flight attendants were amazing. They took their time to hold our baby boy when he was a little fussy, got to know them by name and they us. The food was delicious for a flight, hot and ready, alcohol selection was great, beer and wine. Snacks, blankets, and other great services! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this airline to everyone.

2) OMG the staff and the service on this airline in fabulous, I was so excited to flight Singapore Airlines and lets say that they did not disappoint. From the moment you checked in to the moment you left they staff was outstanding, the food was by far the best I had on a flight. I am just so sad it was such a short trip.I am looking forward to flying with them again.


Anonymous said...

SQ services both ground and air are fantastically good.
I always fly this reputable airline.

Anonymous said...

SIA will always receive good compliments thanks to their Malaysian crew.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
SIA will always receive good compliments thanks to their Malaysian crew.

I don't agree as many Malaysia crew are not worth paying them MYR 12,000 to 15,000
a month. They are the biggest skivers besides the Indian and Chinese crew.
Just look at their MCs and you will know.

Anonymous said...

You can disagree all you want but the success of Singapore is largely due to foreign talents, especially from Malaysia. Without Malaysians, where will SIA and Singapore be?

Vouyer said...

Malaysians are street smart.
Singgies are idiots, pre conditioned, robots.
Malaysians also wear sexier undergarments
Singgies wear grandmother styles.

Anonymous said...

Yes Malaysians wear Victoria Secret while Singaporeans wear Triumph.

Anonymous said...

Looking at situations and political stance of deprivations when even majority needs affirmative actions and handout and ExPm biggest klep,it takes a lot to break out of poverty there and thus dare to acts.The JiuHuKia got something more when come to choices.Soon the last of the Sinkies due to overtaken by FT and Cecarian and others.Dont blame others when oneselve is defective and weak minded.

Ah said...

Utter rubbish

Anonymous said...

Foreigners create more jobs for citizens!

Anonymous said...

Please la,majority Malaysian crew are stingy poker,Kiam kana.Always taupau food n heat up in microwave during layover,in the hotel crew lounge.Always lock themselves in hotel rooms,to save money.