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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Met Aloysius before his passing

One afternoon in 2014, I bumped into Aloysius D'Souza at a coffee shop in Whampoa. We have not met since we left the airlines. He told me he usually spend his time at that coffee shop drinking beer, usually alone. It was a stone's throw away from his place. In the evening, his girlfriend Jean (not her real name) would join him for a drink. Jean worked in the city, he told me.
There was one thing that Aloysius was bitter about and he kept repeating it to me. He was unhappy that the unionists conspired with the company to fix his promotion  and also subsequently gave him his early retirement.. He told me he would never forgive a particular person who had a big hand in fixing him.
One day, out of the blue, Aloysius WhatsApp me he was diagnosed with 4th stage prostate cancer. We met again and talked about his illness. He refused chemotherapy. The oncologist estimated he had 2 more years to live.
We met again a few weeks later and Jean was with him. I ordered a bottle of beer for him and a bottle of stout for Jean (at her request). I had a cup of coffee. We talked the whole evening. Aloysius was a brave man and was cheerful throughout. He did not talk about his illness.
I could not visit him when he was awarded in the hospital as I was away. RIP my buddy Aloysius!

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