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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Paxs "duly compensated" for delay and rude treatment from crew

UPDATE: Singapore Airlines has apologised and duly compensated us. If you were a passenger on the plane, I urge you to write to them and demand compensation. Their email is: sq_social@singaporeair.com.sg and saa_feedback@singaporeair.com.sg
On the 8th of June, I was flying back via Singapore Airlines (SQ 516) to Calcutta with my parents (both senior citizens) and younger sister from Brisbane. We had a layover in Singapore and after six hours of being in transit, we were ready...
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BT: " Singapore Airlines has apologised and duly compensated us."  If this is true does it mean that SIA was guilty? Was the cabin crew rude too?


Anonymous said...

Ask yourself why did you feel being discriminated? Is it because of your skin colour
or your pugnacious behavior especially toward the crew?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe SIA cabin crew is that rude.

Anonymous said...

More of the same to come etc complaint and get paid especially from Ceca.Entitled mentality and a blow to hardworking crew.Similarly to the Jap pax who requested a 747 over a spilled tomato juices.Depending on whether revenues from their flight bigger than the compensation.Whichever way,lots of ppl will siam the flights to and from Yendia.

Anonymous said...

Aneh are hard to please, plus cheapskate too!

Anonymous said...

Oh but they are. In fact they're nicer to ang mo.

Anonymous said...

If those are ang mo crew they won't dare to mistreat them, right?

CeCa gang said...

How do they treat female gender in their own lands?
How do they treat different classes in their society?
Know that, and it all fits in.

But $$$$ is the purpose of running an airline.
And the employer dont give a shit about how the employee feels.
Its not a counseling centre for employees.
The customer did not lay a finger on you but demanded for service
such as more drinks, more nuts, more food, .. nothing you can do about
that. Demands during meal service is inconvenient for employee... too bad.

SQ flies to 7 or 8 cities in the Sub continent. The chance of getting rostered
there is 100% each time. Learn to manage, twist and turn just like your union and managers and CCEs. Twist & turn into a safety issue, physical harrasment issue, sex harrasment issue. But you all are gutless anyway. Thats why you deserve the shit.

Anonymous said...

Dying and getting hurt in the name of service.Planned by Gayees and Lessee with ideology and lifestyle in mind,does not tuned in for straights,before flight done and served family and kids and fil,then continue physical duties on board.Will be nonstop service as laid by Gayee minded,but family and straight minded will be service and not prolonged procedures due to services to family at base.Gayee deemed singleminded and longer endurance and therefore faster promo.Suffers the straight guys,or turned gayees.Anyway got one life,we can observe from afar.More accorlades and service no *star 1 and more elaborated or sacked.Everybody tries to outshine or knife till reach IFM,then goals reached.Then coast till retirement and rich.Some make it some get ill some get damage as collateral.Sad.

Anonymous said...

Some tings never change.
This type of delay has happened 25 years ago.

hurry! hurry! hurry! ( just like army )
only to wait, standing in hot sunshine for the VIP to arrive.
SQ no difference.

Now days, with new staff everywhere, it gets worse.
No experience.
All aircraft ( most carriers ) all use aerobridge ( finger piers ).
Few staff experience events such as remote bay boarding with buses.
Co-ordiantion is key
Certainty is key
But station manager also new.
Also inexperienced.. just know about air-con comfort.

Engineering also new.. PRC, Ninoy,... understaffed...
who wants to volunteer to service aircraft at remote bay??
Have to attend to regular, scheduled flight at "normal" parking bay ( aerobridge)
Then rush to attend aircraft at remote bay ( can be 3km away! )
Then dignostic skills... take time.
Then need approval for replacement part from duty engineer.
Drive all the way back to enginnering spare part stores... another 7km away

All this driving on apron within airport have speed limit.
At night lots of airplanes moving around taxiing here and there
Stress?? or no stress??

On top of all this, got KPI, cost cutting and Just-In-Time logistics.
Decisions by Station Manager, Duty manager, Ops manager Duty engineer.

The real heroes are the crew dealing with customers, face to face in the same tube and same temperature wearing stockings ( sticky and humid ) and jackets... ( arm pits wet)
To serve on ground or not??...

All this make or break your career.
Nothing to do with degree or diploma or sign up for extra courses.
One complaint and you are accused of racism, insensitive, uncaring, poor leadership..
they throw the book at you.

You are wrong. Thats it.

SQ style same as Doggie style.

Ah said...

Just saw this Indian lady from India at United Square trying to bargain with the mall seamstress who charges $7 to $10 for alteration.
She brought 4 items for alteration and tried to bargain with the seamstress telling to charge her cheaper or make her 4th item foc.
A queue was forming behind the India lady who was adamant about striking a bargain wi the seamstress.The seamstress's charges were already reasonable and cheap in the mall.
In the end the seamstress told her to find somebody else to do the alteration and the India lady had no choice but to stick to her charges.
They will make you work blood,sweat and tears if they pay you for service.
They are the worst kind of customers to have.

Anonymous said...

I never liked pax from India, China and the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

SQ the only airline able to fly to many cities in India.
Its a high profit area. The branding in India is ultra strong.
Even JetAirways copy cat inflight service & customer care policies.

No immediate competition. Hopefully SQ not end up like KepCorp with bribery

If you cannot tolerate the customer profile, best to leave. There is no
end.. its in their DNA.. 100 years later, it will remain the same ( make that 1,000)

Anonymous said...

Win win solution at hand.Go to make up handle the mannerism and expectations from such flight by upmarketing it like renaming IFS to IFM, as breezing through Incredible Yendia Journey of Surprise.Downmarketing it will obviously leaked as discrimatory by the foreign crews.Increase the foreign crew complement.Fixed the rest days with longer ns patterns like Euro patterns etc.Spread out the duties equitably to all include AO,AM to feel the magnitude of the problems or other factors.Take the comments with a practise eyes to the preponderance of complaints since its a cultural.It does not change for 100 years,go with the flow and mine the gold.Expect the ambiance to remain due to shortage of toilets in their housing and increase dry cleaning allowance.Expect complaint from CC about stress from such flight,one should worry if not stressed,before it drives crew crazy.One should use common sense and think out of all boxes.Ceca is real and here to stay.Might as well milk the cow.