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Friday, December 21, 2018

Uncomplimentary comments

You will notice that I've deleted some the unflattering comments under the late Robert Tan post. The readers who left those comments should realised that they will also kick the bucket one of these days. So please show some respect for the dead. If you have nothing good to say about the deceased then please refrain from commenting.


LS John said...

I agree with BT. Robert was a nice ifs whom many would
like to work with him so why all the bad comments about him?

Anonymous said...

SIA had lost one of the best IFM when Robert retired!

Anonymous said...

Let me diciper the situation as best.First Robert the Man.Having a monicker like Horny is an uphill battle by itself.Next the Rank.In the line of Services,many souls of CC were sacrificed in the rush for perfect service,rubbing many crew.So blame it on Co SOP.Some people have more EQ or more IQ and perfect Q's had to have in low SES job like CC.Or loose votes or jobs.So dont blame on Robert the Man.Chapters or last page ends when RIP,final time out,lay down your arms.Last Post.Not everyone is Madhatter can last till 90.If he made hurting decisions ,not his fault but his job.With that like Caesar,the good done forgotten,and the bad buried.The end is always ugly,easier to remember the good side.Find religion,solves your angst.Given a chance Robert would have repented if it gives him longivity.