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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Crew robbed in Johannesburg

In view of what has happened to the Turkish Airline crew, SQ station in JNB gave the following advice to its crew:


Anonymous said...

This is exactly the same as teaching girls to be aware of what they are wearing so they don't get raped.

so SIA.

Next time don't show off said...

One suspects number 1 above is the main reason for so many of these incidents involving SIA crew there.

Anonymous said...

If you wear your grandma's underwear, no rape, or molest will happen.

Anonymous said...

SQ to consider having their crew to stay within hotel with meals provided for.

Anonymous said...

Best la. Crew can virtually park themselves there makan non stop n use wifi to post what they eating to show off liao. Bloody crew. No die also no use