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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Goofed Inflight announcements.

A senior steward while the plane was still on ground waiting for one last passenger to arrive announced: Ladies and Gentlemen, We are still waiting for one passenger to arrive. As soon as he arrives, we will leave the aircraft.

The same senior steward during the flight made the announcement before commencement of the sales of duty free products: Ladies and Gentlemen, We will be conducting our duty free sales shortly and they will be rolling down the cabin.

A new stewardess was heard making the Welcome announcement: Don’t Read It, Say It. Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, ......... (“Don’t Read It, Say It” though written on the page of the announcement book was meant as a reminder for the crew not to sound like as though you are reading.)

Another stewardess on landing into the old Manila Airport panicked, because she had to announced the name of the airport in the arrival announcement. Instinctively she peeked through the plane window and noticed what she thought was the name of the airport and proceeded to announce: Ladies and Gentlemen, We have just landed at MABUHAY Airport. (Mabuhay in Tagalog means Welcome).

Contributed by former CCE Edmond Tay.

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