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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


1) The crew did not recognised except the .........

No one, not even the inflight manager (ifm) recognised me. As she, the chief stewardess was about to give me my meal tray, she suddenly realised who I was. Eyes fixing on me she excitedly said "you are the blogger from, right?" I nodded and gave her a nice smile. Yes, I was on a SQ flight!

2) She couldn't go for her flight because.............

Newbie stewardess Janet (not her real name) was crying on the other end of the phone. She asked me to help her because she was unable to go for her flight. The reason was that her passport was confiscated by her father. Janet's parents found out she was romantically involved with her married chief steward and had forbade her to fly with him. She was "grounded" for the duration of the flight which was about a week. After the issue was settled (I don't know exactly how), Janet's father gave back her passport.
It was a week ago that I heard from my friends that Janet had passed away after a long illness.

3) Interviewed....

I was interviewed by "Ah Boy", an avid reader of my blog regarding my experience in cabin crew. He is writing an essay about the airline and sought my help. I granted him a 2 hour interview for free!

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