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Monday, February 11, 2019

Captain and stewardess grounded for ............

You may want to read the story 👇here https://www.facebook.com/129011692114/posts/10155882533172115/

Since most do not have access to the ST Digital (by subscription) let me give you from what I've heard about the case.
The story goes like this: the co-pilot left his seat and visited the toilet. The stewardess entered the cockpit (a safety requirement) and instead of taking the "jump" seat, she sat in the co-pilot's seat which is on the right hand side of the captain's seat. The captain took a picture of her in the co-pilot's seat. She posted the photo in the social media and as a result got herself and the captain in hot soup.


CB for hire said...

Many careers in the airline have been ruined by CBs.
Never ever allow CBs to get too close.. extremely bad luck.

Anonymous said...

Biggest BS ever. Cleaning off the stains on the cockpit window.

Anonymous said...

Cockpit window should only be cleaned by the pilots during flight and no one else.