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Monday, February 4, 2019

Her dream of flying was ......

A young lady (Molly) asked me to coach her for the SIA cabin crew interview. She is dying to fly with the airlines since she was a small girl. Her parents used to bring her for many of their vacations on SIA. From a young age she was impressed with the SIA "Girls" and vowed that one day she would be a stewardess.
After coaching, she attended the interview for the first time. Not surprisingly, she passed the interview and was asked to proceed for her medical in which she did well. Now comes the problem. Her parents refused to allow her to be a stewardess. They are from a wealthy family and serving people was unthinkable.
The parents warned her they would disown her if she accepted the job. She was so sad that she thought of suicide. I counselled her and advised her to obey her parents' wish. Eventually she relented and her parents rewarded her with a new Mercedes Benz and a beautiful apartment.
Today, Molly is working in her father's company and paid a S$15,000 salary.

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Anonymous said...

What type of English is that "she parents led her the correct way, kudos to her parents".??