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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

IFM to work till 63

Effective this year, the IFM (Inflight Managers) are allowed to work till 63. Previously they retired at age 62. Congrats! 👍


PPS John said...

Be seeing and served by old, bald headed,fat,haggard looking and grouchy old farts :(

Anonymous said...

It is good to have older and more experienced staff on the flights.

Anonymous said...

The trick is to make people work longer so more cpf for the government to invest and lose them. After that the people will be forced to work till they drop dead and never enjoy their cpf monies.

Anonymous said...

Retiring at 63 means legs weak, eyes unfocused,teeth failing, mind stuck in certain modes. Lots of money but no physical stamina to even enjoy a nice tall drink by the poolside.

Silly people. Work & work.

Anonymous said...

Fyi IFM dont work. Klkk cbl and act busy and take 8k a mth. These pests are leeches to companys profits as are the rest of the crew.
They should be offloaded at 55 to work as hawker centre cleaners as they have a wealth of experience clearing plates and table.

Anonymous said...

Enough is enough... does not mean working longer the management will be
more forgiving. Still exposed to all the shit... and nail biting, borderline issues.
Roster issues, female proximity issues.
Leave with dignity and grace. Heads up.But yeow kuei will stay beond 100 yr old.

Anonymous said...

Hello PPS John,when you have a heart attack(hopefully you won't)who do you think will try to save your life? The old fart or the sweet young thing? Sweet young thing(male n female) will disappear in another zone and act busy(majority of the time,when announcement is made,to page for medical help).

CSS who left said...

But this don apply to female crew who are "forced to retire" at 50s - mid life crisis > menopausal, no job, no husband, no kids... that is so sad. I don understand why this is not apply for both Male n female. Discrimination BIG TIME