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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Now the real story is out

SINGAPORE - A Singapore Airlines (SIA) captain has been grounded since Feb 1 after he allowed a stewardess to sit on the first officer's chair and took a photo for her.

The cabin crew has also been grounded, The Straits Times found out.

When questioned, the pilot said that the cabin crew was on the chair to help clean some stains on the cockpit window.

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Anonymous said...

Stains on the cockpit window should rightfully be cleaned by the pilots only.

Anonymous said...

Certainly do not find this incident amusing. The FSS had obviously posted her foto over socio
media without realising the adverse potential repercussion on the image of the Company. We can expect some serious comments from ST readers. The commander is not in an enviable position.

Anonymous said...

I seriously wonder whose phone was used.

Did stewardess purposely bring phone in?
Or pilot so nice and helpful to take out his phone , take pic then send to her

Anonymous said...

Tryer old tricks la. Take pic then take number. Then slowly ask whats next flt n roster then change flt and follow up la. Serve them right