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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Passenger in the crew bunk

Recently there is a case of a stewardess who invited a passenger to the crew bunk. When questioned by her inflight manager, she claimed that she needed to be consoled by the pax because she was traumatised by an accident before the flight. That was also the reason she gave for reporting late for work.
Presently there are photos of her circulating in the social media but I am not posting them here.


Anonymous said...

Like our Minuster said, FSS said is Bunkum reasons,just another mile high club record.

Anonymous said...

Where on social media?

Anonymous said...

Could be truly shaken by being late reporting.Normally hell n high water case and actions taken,so it is expected to be concerned,not known to be forgiving at all.Speculate that family or friend onboard,and so much details to take care of.Minister on caninowbus oil,bunkum by co,out to make money.Anything and actions by FSS interpreted as Sax related even though it is not.