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Saturday, March 30, 2019

"Cabin crew in stress"

"I don't understand why cabin crew were so in stress as the flying hours was 3 and a half. 30 min. after flight took off, cabin crew was starting to serve drinks with 3 choices water, juice or beer. After serving about 20 pax in front and we had a choice of water. Crew didn't think of replenish drinks and carried on the same tray. We had to place an order of our drink and it took 5 min. Thereafter the lunch was served, it came with the hot meal which we could hold it with our fingers without being burned. It was just luke warm. Therefore I would like to know, why in such hurry !"

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Anonymous said...

Air travelling has many variables,including the cash paid for and the destinations and location.Twice,some air travellers do not enjoy not even a prayers or a wings to lean on,so unless well read,some flight do not take off well.To comment on why the crews look stressed show stupidity,anything and everthing can go wrong.The mere facts that comments on the trip adviser is good enough,bad trip were not reported due to 'Suddenly,it looks like he"".Comments ,not even words,not food were served.One should not try one's lucky star too far!

economy pax said...

9 out of 10 of my flights with sq I was served with cold hard bread rolls.
The service has nosedived with incompetent inflight managers running the show.

Anonymous said...

You mean Inflight Mangler ?Ex Par,should buy un Baguette 1 foot long and carry.If service not on par,Sacre bu take out from overhead compt and use the foot long,must be cold as a feedback,not FB.Legislation affort to classify egg as dangerous weapons,derivative including chicken and whether feathers duster as weapons of mass intructions or destruction.Any parts of the chicken whether dead or alive include down pillows cannot be carried on board.Training security include deflecting such objects thrown and shuttlecock shield,in or during meet the members,onboard,off board.As a result,many happy chicken clucks as sign of relief,but suspect a short live victory once Trump got wind of it.Suspect building a wall as border against illegals,include chicken and no fly zones over the southern borders,asking for billions only.Its called the Chicken Bill,exclude KFC and derivatives being all American as star sprangled Banner.

Anonymous said...

Remember 1 jumbo flight long ago by Captain,"This is Captain Jesus,Senior F/O John and so on being coming Filipino name.However if the Norwegian Air to Helsinki have such Captain combination as Cockpit Crew ,would you dare fly ?Welcome Aboard this flight to Hel'xxxxki. Ending up ,pressing call bell Inflight Manager old but Distinguished, answered and came, Can I have a good drink,a liquor or wine please.Certainly said the Manager named S.T.Peter,and stay for the bread ?Can I comment on such excellent Service,said the Pax.Sound familar ?Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

If you want better service fly First or Business. Pay Economy fare but expect way too much. Typical Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

The words sound like Ceca.The flight 3.5 like Indian vv.Behavior similar.

Anonymous said...

Inflight "Managers" have no authority over the bread rolls.
In fact they do not have "authority" at all.
The authority is Facebook, Wechat and Whatsapp.

SQ wants to be "unique" and heat up rolls ( in EY)
But the sheer volume of passengers does not make sense.
After asking you, the pax, and answering a zillion questions...

1. What would you like sir/madam... the chicken or the pork?
2. Some drinks sir/madam?
3. Chinese tea?.. ( no hot beverage on the cart leh )
4. Blanket ?... ( hard to get to stowage area... have to push the cart back to galley)
5. Instant noodles ? ( siow lioaw... next thing he wants cut chillies with soya sauce)
6. Movies not working ?... ( na-beh.... )

Your rolls would be rock hard by now.

All EU airlines serve their bread ( in EY) as is.... no heating, warming... )
In fact reheating the rolls, bread... and not serving them quickly, will result in hard rock rolls Their moisture content being evaporated.

You can have nice warm rolls in EY, provided they are individually wrapped in heat resistant wrappers.

But think... would SQ do that???

Inflight Managers are on board so that blame can be assigned to them. They get paid for that. CCEs just sit around and apply a well practiced technique of accusing operational crew lapses... easy work.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change and the rolls will remain cold due to top down management style.Sop of the services include the pax profiles have many variable per pax,how to handle its characteric and ensure perfection in delivery.Robots have limited actions and response can be easily tuned such that results are 100 %.Put a gayee brain in charge and less commitments,head to CC training centre after flight to refine the SOP while straights have to fill up family fil,and personnel needs nicely before next tours of duty.In other words,short and sharp,practical and just in time,rolls hot as well hung bull testicle er bread.Look around preponderance of Gayee seniors ,good or bad ?

Ark-kua Fu said...

Gays are perfect for SQ.
- they have no families of their own
- they can commit time & energy for endless meetings/briefings
- they bitch very, very well
- they cannot commit sexual harassment ( they are actually jealous )
- they can fly forever... they are fairies remember??

Hurray for Gays !!

Anonymous said...

I agrees totally,in fact alternate name should be So Queer Airlines,but section 37 not in your favour.In fact,very very sad when Derrick Ice and Paul F. passes away.Full of fun and wits and caring when all around,power hungry all around.Actually do not care and know or dig further of the personnal ,after all the tour of flight is short and worst people around including Lassies.But coming back,actually prefers Gayee in Charge until they micro handle and refine fine details to the nth degrees.One must know energy has limits and need recharging,otherwise should watch out for backstabber,druggies and holier than thou crews.Dont get me wrong.