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Saturday, March 23, 2019

No makeup? Pants ok?

Virgin Atlantic has allowed its stewardesses to stop wearing makeup while on duty. They are also given a choice to wear pants or skirts.
Do you think SIA should follow suit? Perhaps it should so it may save some money from engaging those expensive beauty consultants to teach the trainee stewardesses about the makeup stuffs.
How about pants? My personal opinion is that the stewardesses should, like Virgin Atlantic girls, be given a choice.
Your comments please.


Elsie said...


This is an interesting article :) I'm just curious, do you miss your flying days from time to time?

Boh Tong said...

Hi Elsie thanks for the interesting article. To answer your question,
yes I do miss flying occasionally.

Anonymous said...

SIA would NEVER EVER allow No Makeup policy. They are so superficial and judgmental with everything during the cabin crew recruitment.

Anonymous said...

SIA will stick with makeup for so long as Mary Poppins is there.

Anonymous said...

Take off the makeup,its clearly a different person and unhealty skin.Pity them but outer beauty and reality do not mix.Virgin sets the health standard and other airlines follows.Need change of management mindset to change which looks unlikely.Suffers the fss,1 contract good ,2 and beyond means cannot find other jobs and wallflower in CC.