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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Nowhere else is safe, not even in New Zealand!

New Zealand to most of us, is one of the safest and non violent places in the world. I've friends over there in Auckland, Christchurch and Gisborne and it shocked them that such an incident like last Friday shooting of the people in a mosque happening in their country.
I always feel safe when I nightstopped in NZ. The people are friendly and warm. I remember asking a family who had just bought a huge fishing boat to let me ride with them while they went out catching fish. It was an incredible experience and the family made me feel so welcomed.
Now this shooting has marred the reputation of NZ. The perpetrator fortunately wasn't a New Zealander but an Australian. He killed 50 and wounded 50 more children, women and children with his semi automatic guns. What a coward and a stinking murderer!
There is no place on this planet for white supremacy or anyone,groups whose views may hurt other fellow beings! The killer should have shot himself to death for it is a shame for him to be alive. At most, the law will sentenced him to a long time in jail which will not be unjustifiable. He should face the firing squad and shot by his own semi automatic!


Anonymous said...

Any form of hatred and violence is bad.

Anonymous said...

Some victims are from MY too.