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Monday, April 22, 2019

"Cathay Pacific cracks down on petty theft by cabin crew of Hong Kong carrier’s in-flight supplies"

BT: No big deal la cos SQ has been cracking down and sacking numerous cabin crew on same issues since day one!

Can read more here


Anonymous said...

Really ?Long time ago,the black label and brandy consumption,'tends' to break on take off,landing and CS,sign off the bcr,then actually sold.They become rich and retired early,and sometimes they blanja us at Tyo or Osa with jap snacks and noodle.Fei Lo,now urns at Perpetual Succor,force the gs to drinking unlimited it seems.CS Buang,in cahoot,now finds as IFS,only jobs available low pay after retires.All SCE,Manager dont want to retires and catch up on being human and non SQ.Lure of power,rank and importance still on their mind.On the end,the bones only left,either a prayers or a gloat,depending on what one does when in CC.Sexcy ?Left to be seen.Sometimes,the end can be sudden and sad,dying along,or prayed by all.Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

Unionists and "seniors" were having a ball of a time, offloading
6 bottles from each galley on the 747s. All sold in DXB, BHA, BKK.
From Dewars to Hennesys.

The old scoundrel Ravi used to assign others to bring a bottle down
and have a tipple at the back of the bus. Smart man.. his bag was usually clean.

One kos-mos was even wandering around hotel corridors collecting bottles from
each room. Expert he was. He even had ice from the plane.

Where are these people now.. ? sacked you say..???
They are issuing circulars from their high office.. if you look long enough, you will notice a ring like halo above their heads. But its not divine, it probably will descend slowly past their ears and settle round their necks.

Anonymous said...

perishable should be allowed to be brought down by crew, else they have to go to waste and thrown away upon arrival into station/singapore, except if airlines has not been follow the laws and reused them into any other flights, that's another issue to discuss about.

Anonymous said...

You want good checks by CIC ?Then help to bring down a bottle or 2.LS?In cahoot with CIC to sign blacks.It all ended when these breakables stop due to audit.By then,these CIC become CCE and Managers,Unionists etc.They become rich then.Fair ?Promo thru unionist or jam by them.Blue eyed Maid Mariam wee can assume try to bypass then to IFSS within 2 years.CS Tua Nee given IFSS,but she decline.Such were the situation then.Who is responsible.Suddenly all wantd to Unionist as short cut.But actually turn Onionist,tears when they are near you.Eedy Chatualiu,Stoney Sim etc.Service to members ?No ,themselve first.History dont lie nor change.Go down with your name and what you done.

Anonymous said...

cabin crew has very high morals.. ask any malays there.
whole fruit baskets ( perishables you know ) offloaded.
when asked, the claim was that since they were perishables,
it was ok.Afterall they would be thrown away by the caterers.
And he was donating to them too... in his name ??
high morals yah?

Anonymous said...

F la. Perishables then crew can help themselves ah? Rather give to feed dogs and pigs also dont give to you all la.

Anonymous said...

There is no sincerity or integrity within management.
That is the root cause of the problems.
It will take a very special leader to reset everything.