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Monday, April 15, 2019

Past & current cabin crew directors, SVPs and union chiefs

Anonymous said...
It would be interesting to have BT post the
different Directors and SVPs from the very beginning
of SQ in 1972... and also the corresponding Union chiefs.

History lessons can reignite fading memories...

BT: here we go.....

A) Directors/SVPs cabin crew

1. Capt Segar (late), Director of cabin crew
2. Chris Lee,   Director of cabin crew
3. Yap Kim Wah, SVP cabin crew
4. Thoeng T.O,    SVP cabin crew
5. Eddie Jesudasen, SVP cabin crew
6. Sim Kay Wee, SVP cabin crew
7.Tan Pee Teck, SVP cabin crew
8. Marvin Tan, SVP cabin crew
9. Tan Pee Teck (2nd time and current) SVP cabin crew

B) Union chiefs of cabin crew

1. Doraisamy (late)
2. Eddy Chew
3. Ben Fernandez
4. Eddy Chew (2nd time, won election against Ben)
5. Alan Tan (won election against Eddy)
6. Tony Sim
7. Alan Tan (current)


Anonymous said...

Captain Segar ?No disrespect ,but practice is to retain those from other department
Probably the most memorable was the 'Best Curry tasted' on the mock up by one IFS,who was trying to fill up his Mina Poosie Top Up to four.Which can beat the IFS Dono Simi who carries on with SYT,FSS Pat L as assistant IFS.The whole team change flight to get away from such sheniagan ,which certainly get the attention of the then CC manager which at that point it happened.And FSS jumping into changi creek,over unrequited lust.More moves than Games of Throne,death,Affairs,similarto Hunger Games,or Maze runner.The IFM now were probably sucking milk when it happened,now strutting as king of the Cabin,being top dog.But late Dora was good quick to defend,even juniors,always remember him.Current Unionist should follow such instead of promoting all those kaki,or your band members only.Passed to Eedy Chatliu,all IFS promo suspected.

Anonymous said...

Doraisamy,when he bacame SM was a great guy too at Male.But he left after the PM had am altercations and just like Notre Dame,the spiral burnt down,but greatness snd grandeu remains to this day.Really RIP.

Anonymous said...

Dorai was bold and challenged management. Too bad the powers that be
took his teeth out, defanged him. A man for the underclass.
Missed his jokes, wit and talk cock. .....

Anonymous said...

Seems,Vanessa Yeap happened during Marvin Tan reign or TPT. The 8 versus 'David' happens during Stoney Sim as Union head ,correct or not .

Anonymous said...

Remember during Chris Lee open policy time Jimmy Boho,hunky but brainless iFS playing tennis partner.Got a lot free time after flight.Pearly Foxxi was badly traumatisd by this big bully.Since delicate Foxxi did not yield,he spended the whole trip Ams Sin checking on her by focussing,staring on her.Of course,she drop trays etc,got flusterred and appraisal got zero in all category.Fight the case ?Tennis partner,and therefore one leg in Chris mind,therfore Boho said is true.Aslo dark chocolate thought she was the only one,but truth,played and dump.Finally married a sweet euro girl,chased by both Boho and CCE Richardo Hannor,in beautifull Hawaii.Heard got one son Doctor now,but history does not change.Dont know whether the players know they made history,their foiables and so no.

Anonymous said...

The CCEs ( AOTC) and managers were no angels. In fact they set the
standards for both work & play. Lots of bones still in the closets.
Think its good to let them out. To allow history to get some airing.

Then the bones can rest..

Anonymous said...

Agreed.Thats why,on hindsight CPL,got cautious and acted that way.Not all CCE were bad sadly,some were,which had more plots than Games of Throne,GOT,localise as Games of Terok n Teokan,more Sex than Sex in the City,and more stabs than Three Musketeers.History does not disappear when the person dies,nor change,but on their Headstone,one can say or think,Ass'""""' in life,bones under my shoes,lowest than ever,I can see its You.We won.Losers dies early.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget,Unionist plays a part too.Ben got too cheaply and got replace by Eatdie Chatliu easily.Bad speaking Eatdie can represent the Crew ?Mostly promote their own Kaki to all IFS,extra money opened Unhappy Crab.Normally Sri Lanka crab not eaten by local due to they ate dead people,which one do not figures out.Whether Crews in trouble,save by unionist ,shows their pedigree,cannot beat Doraisamy,but Stoney Sim ,the worst,spend time jogging in ECP,airing his balls, and letting 'David',sacked and killing his 2 years boy as colleteral damage.Sexcy got mark one down,as the Sky shouted,Unfair,and shed tears by raining.Thus the short History of CC,making great stories,sadly its true,as Notre Damme burns.Public blessing or otherwise can be effective in the life of these low life,including sending their spirits or soul to black hole,lots of room there.

Anonymous said...

Remembered this sad case,blue eye boy or girl actually.His good mahjonh kaki fook onn passed in Honolulu,due to drug od.Anyway,this blue eyed girl got these because of BonnyHicks symdrome,etc maid to Amdk Air force then,or Brit Air based here.And so was born blue eyed and fed potatoes instead of porridge as per normal.In fact,the only blonde and blue eye were sack during the early days by Dutchgirl,as being unsuitable due to punishing SOP of service.So has promo was just as far,due to her handling on the checkers and aces the interview,from FSS,LSS,to CSS,while comparable guys were left out of the race.Maid Mariam as well shall call her in Robin Hood,handle the FS,and all through her fingers and so in 2 years apply for IFS.Fortunate,or unfortunate,as fate would have been,the Boss who then Chew Tua Lor who,being Gay and so on put a red stop sign to her IFSS.Which come to a showdown,when she stomped to his desk and confrontation.Still no,and then she resigned forthwith,tucking in with another Chris Walken lookalike,even though she was said to boyfriend to other lowerranking.Sad case though,a true blue eyed IFSS,if not for the confrontation,she would shine.The lived inSin,till 09 when they knotted,childless and adopted a girl.You can see the Walken lookalike,like the Deerhunter,trying to play russian roulettee with the heavy metals,apparently cannot find another job,due to he manage to transferred his brain to his arms,bulging bisep true,but people who spend day and night looking and admiring his biseps are totally brainless.Thus with the maid Mariam,the Sheriff shall find him soon for robbery and enriching himself instead of the poor.

Anonymous said...

There is someone working at SQ sports club.Is it he ?

Gohst queen said...

Maid Mariam & Kim Kranan... convent & MGS gals.. used to stone on mx and such.
BAH was good place to get the stuff to smoke. They knew Bonnie ( ahz-lan's younger bro)
Think brainy biceps have election issues.

Anonymous said...

Playing too many russian roulettes,like in movies.Luck can ran out,and hole in the head can cause a lots of problem like now in FB,60ish admiring his bisep,imagining as IFS how he f"""k up the crew.Thinks only he a sample of good crew,looking at his own house,maid mariam the biggest stoner,blue eyed or otherwise.One could be forgiven got golden cheespie,but stranger couple deserve each other.Of course worse,Ellen Vandal Buck n Co,now parking in Canada,preserve his brains,cause unsed,got complains by pax,offer mugshot selection of crew photo.Husband play golf when flight delayed.Promoted every 2 years,sweet talker but shitheat,fault of the selection board.