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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Good salary but limited progression

Job scope mainly covers serving passengers and ensuring their safety on flight. As you work with different set of crew on each flight, you'd learn to adapt. Communication skills will be tested. Pretty hierarchical culture where juniors have to suck up to seniors sometimes. Hardest part of the job is having to adjust to different time zones and being away from home most of the time. You can't really choose your roster and may miss many important occasions back home. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting to travel to different places and enjoying the albeit short off days outstation. Moreover, you'd be earning a really decent salary.


Anonymous said...

You can't have everything dude!

Anonymous said...

Once you join, your time belongs to SQ.
After all, you did say something like,
I enjoy meeting people
I like seeing the world
I am passionate about service.. rite?

Anonymous said...

What progression u want woh with O levels or dip? If work outside, these ppl at most is grab drv or some hotel staff. 69% of sinkies work whole life also cant hit 3k. U can call yrself CEO, executive, manager or whatever you like outside. Pay < 3k till 65. Many stage to manager. Every stage inc $100. U want? You can call me a nasty job title but gimme 8k a mth for klkk cbl anytime

Anonymous said...

Good salary only when you first start as a freshie, after five years u start to lose out, then u stay stagnant forever

Anonymous said...

As mention in earlier post, even stagnant at 8k, still beats 69% of sinkies who dont even earn 2.5k. So y kp? If crew over estimate their ability and think they can earn more and promote every year outside working in some coffin shop or grab food delivery, go ahead lor?
Grab food delivery progression- jnr deliverer, snr deliveror, principal deliverer, asst exec deliveror, deputy deliveror, exec deliveror, asst deliveror manager.... every yr promote and max is 3k lor. Go ahead

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew also can progress. Stewardess to lss to css to ifss to cce , a/m, manager, SM, VP,SVP,EVP, CEO la. But most of the time they hentak kaki at leading. So who say this job no prospect no progression no future? Blame yourself. Take 1 day elementary french or korean and expect to compete with scholars or recognised master degree?
You guys thought serve more trays, get some soar awards, appear in some ads, show face in office or football field can progress to CEO ah. Dream on..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cabin crew = high salary = irrelevant skills for ground jobs
Hotel manager = low salary = relevant skills for many jobs

choose high salary with dim future prospect
choose low salary with brighter future prospect

Both have pro & cons.
Depends on your brain & attitude

Anonymous said...

But i thought those old foggys always tell us we are professionals and in high demand outside? Keep tell us we are ambassadors, first aiders, bartenders, sales ppl, toilet cleaners, wine connoiseurs, food tasters etc etc? So why now tell us we have irrelevant skills?

Puzzle said...

Who are those "old foggys"???

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew under ACTA,always under unskilled,low SES.CC tries to change by calling them Mangler,output increase 120% without corresponding pay and benefits of management.Unfortunately,CECA means all local relegated to grab taxi driver,and such because they are deemed cheaperer,fasterer,betterer,plus their caste system put them higher than locals.So,whose allows these to happen ?Cannot see far,dont blame them,blame yourself for not doing the right things,by doing nothing ,put the nail on the coffin one by one.Activist glue themselve to SX in lon,here kpcb in blog.Cannot fight black tide arising,same like black moon rising.

Anonymous said...

Who did you guys vote for? Nimpeh dont want to hear any more kp from you all ok!?

Driver now said...

Crew career is just running away from responsibilities.
Looking from one roster to another. SYD/SHA/MAA/HKG/BJS and the cycle
repeats. If have kids, then its absentee parenting.. missing milestones
in kids' life journeys. With stress of trying to get leave, off days.,COFs.

After some years, acquire the skill in COF, and keng off days with SEP or fleet recency.
How relevant is that skill outside of crew work?
Of course can save money. But in order to save, you need to earn it first. That means
doing more & more flights. The skill to survive less rest and more flying time... maybe can transfer that skill outside. But outside no off day leh... no minimum rest leh... no rest period leh. No night stop with clean linen bedsheets and raintree shower leh. Outside, every night take train home and eat economic rice leh. Skill of cooking instant noodle during crew irrelevant outside too.

Skill of changing meal carts irrelevant outside.
Skill of opening wine bottles even Thai girls can do without hands.
Skill of first aid not unique

Crew career is just hoping no sudden health problems, and surviving the appraisals.
lasting as long as possible till the finish line for that Longines watch.After that, what?.. meet every wednesday talk cock about the good old days..? and be a GRAB driver. Sunset not very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. I look down on flying mothers. Say its to support family buy actually its running from responsibilty and outsource her work to maids. Earn 8k but pay maid 500. Get to enjoy cbl life style. Eat, shop, sleep, drink sesssions, orgies outstation.
Plus get to offload pwml, kids toys, diapers etc.

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew have made enormous progress; something that has been clouded by all these negative comments. The writer appears to be skilled at fusing English with dialect. For the record, CC who had left, went on to become successful architects property, business men, finance and insurance leaders, to name a few. One even became CEO of a foreign insurance company and is currently a senior advisor.

Happy ex cc said...

Good to hear a positive comment from the one above me.
Those who wrote negative comments and whacked the crew
were former cc who were failures and not promoted thereby
becoming sour grapes!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What kind of positive news in sea of Gayees there ?Like when the Safety Video showing a dying man.

Anonymous said...

For those who became architects, insurance agents, property agents, business owners,

when did they leave?
How long were they crew?
How long did they take to be good at their new job?
What skills did they take and apply to their new jobs?
What percentage of those skills helped?

Examine the details with focus.
They all left after 7 years or less.. some less than 12 years.
They left because they knew they could do better elsewhere.
They left because they got fed up with the culture, management.
They left because they were not recognised for their efforts.

After surviving for donkey years, you might be rewarded with extensions.
And if you are loved by the AM, and his/her inner court of jesters.. you might
even get to be an EXecutive... just like the ones now trying to look intelligent.

Passion?... ha! ha!... yah.. for the money, the structure, the hazy targets.

Anonymous said...

Lots of fake news here,like getting the bestest job with the bestest pay.Only those who were in knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

Insurance & property job scope is sales.
That means lots of wayang, smoke effects.
Crew have those skills but they cannot meet the
real world sales targets. They want off days.
Not hungry enough.Lazy bums

Anonymous said...

Carpenter cannot be blaming his tools all the time.

AhPee said...

Carpenter has marketable skills and can build own cabinets, shelves.
Crew has skills to move items from aircraft compartment into cabin bag.
Also marketable, to the mafia, triads.