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Has the cabin crew union been doing a good job? Well see here

Friday, April 12, 2019


The guy (Alex..not his real name)who was in charge of cabin crew "empathises" with a chief steward (James) who was "grounded" due to depression. On a weekly basis, Alex would speak and counsel James. As they were Christians, James confided in Alex a lot of personal matters. Alex always appeared sympathetic.
After a 6 month review by the doctors, James was told he could start flying again. However, after a few months, James was still stuck in the office. He desperately pleaded with Alex to allow him to go back flying. Alex told James, it was the HR department who would not allow him to fly for another few months. Alex promised to help James and would speak to HR.
One day, to his horror James found a copy of the confidential letter in which his boss Alex wrote to HR asking to defer James' flying stint. What a hypocrite!


Anonymous said...

One can act and do what in their job or lifetime.But history does not forget,and it will catch up,especially in handling of juniors.Pawning other is as common,its everywhere but can you take the consequence later when discover?Traitors,cowards,5th Columnist instigated by the Jap causes the wall at Outram prison to be full of holes.This is a lesson right,dont trust your line or your life to another.Same in CC,due to comments,its a pond for dumping management unsuitable people,and their bigotted minds.

Anonymous said...

fly too long became crazy person thinking they are god who can manipulate other's life and paycheck, he thought he is a doctor?

how did he found out about the confidential letter anyway? was he shown on purpose because of sick minded person? we will never know because this company is full of sick hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Crew dept is a breeding ground for gossips. Confidential information is passed from one person to another, each feeling very privileged, special and " in-the-know". Saucy bits are shared from one CCE to another or to operating crew, unionist etc.

Multi levels of privilege. Depends on which "tier" or circle you are in.
Information from divorce proceedings, wife beating, gambling syndrome, children sent to jail, children on scholarships, who attained a masters in this or that, relationship to Teo Chee Hean, Tony Tan, Sheng Siong grand daughter... etc.

And you thought crew gossiped in the galleys and crew rooms. Its happening at STC cantina, by the very people you thought had the highest integrity. My foot smells better

Anonymous said...

Yup.Who needs next episode of GOT,Games of Throne,when CC got such disgusting cast.Include Pee Ass Tay,Email De Chouta,whose mum Dorothy Silva immediate pass after a Saliva Attack.You foot after a ten days flight,smells clinically purer ,due to pureness at heart.CC got no heart,no head,a monster brainwashing organs collection of cmi.Only angels Chan LM,lovely lady, Hasmah another.Michale Lampar,who got spiked on board.