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Monday, April 22, 2019

Jet Airways folding up

The once high flying and pride of India is now folding up, leaving hundreds of passengers in limbo. It has been accused of allegedly treating its customers poorly. It has not been paying it pilots salaries for a year now and it is so broke that it can't afford to pay for its fuel. Yes, I am talking about Jet Airways.
In mid 2000s, at the height of its glory, it even try to persuade the cabin crew of SIA to join it. I was one of those who went for the interview and was verbally told it would recruit me as its chief purser. My colleague VJ was promised the post of Singapore station manager when he helped conduct the cabin crew interview. As sure as its eminent collapse, it broke its promise to employ us.


Anonymous said...

What has happened to J Kumar who joined Jet as its Training Manager?

Anonymous said...

He took early retirement some years ago.

Anonymous said...

From past records,no western co can operate in India.Too many red tapes,and rules so The Airline offer was suspect.Never trust a Ceca deal or offer.Heard of how many people to change a lightbulb ?3 at least.

Anonymous said...

No one is asking about Vistara? Losing money or what?