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Friday, April 19, 2019

Still don't wanna retire early??


Anonymous said...

Retire early do what? Security? Condo manager? NTUC? Grab driver? Work 6 days a week 12 hrs a day. Might as well drag on my days in cc. 8k a mth klkk cbl. Go on board eat the food, relack in exec lounge. Take freebies onboard. All these is money earned and money saved.

Ai Lim said...

Retired = no more working but shake legs, tour and cruise the world
otherwise got no time to enjoy life. CPL, Cyril and many died before
74 and got $$ also no use.

Anonymous said...

Met No-lan at CGH.Got drips,after getting stones rid.Rich food van get you into trouble,especially minerals evian.Your grandson probably thought you were security having seeing you rarely.Take your choice,strut on the cabin like a cock,manager also.Die on duty better,package tour in cargo,collect group insurance and proven death by karoshi.Before one goes,do good ,so that friends come to mourne,not fiend to gloat.Then probably a bare mention in this Blog,Not the 8.Chose 1 or 2,no wrong answer,no deduction.Another one bite the dust.

Retired at 52 said...

Retire and not work for anyone else except yourself.

Of course cannot eat like pig too. Walk, jog, swim, bike... expend energy
not expand waistline. Go for concerts, live shows, fly to cities that you have
not been before.. do things that you wanted to do but did not have time for.

Do gardening, collect stamps, visit museums, learn about history. Learn how to sail, learn how to operate a drone, learn how to paint, learn dance, learn new languages.
learn a new recipe.

So many things to do. Work? for money?

You dont need to work for money. If you think sitting at home is cho-boh-lan
shake leg... consider charity work. Work for free.. but feel much happier that your
efforts are appreciated, with no appraisals.

Singaporeans do not understand. They just follow the crowd. If John works, then Abdul must also work. Reason is: "stay at home dont know what to do.." Stupid as can be.

Please retire at 55 said...

I fully agree with Retired at 52. Some like sexy want to work till drop
dead. He is 65? even retire now has only 8 years to enjoy but still want
to work till 70. Those who refused to retire early because either they
are broke or just love money. Stupid asses!

Anonymous said...

But for Sexcy,it a difficult choice,need to pay alimony to his ex,current and million $ condoms.Since T.Peh.Kong done the worst job in CC,how many will either stand in aw or spit his way.Probably where he domicile will be CSIed.Either way,got to hand it to him,as one who can wheedle his face into management from rank and file,by putting his mugshot on the Co newsletter long time ago.Either enjoy longivity or not,we wish him well being Good Friday,or note he did not know what he had done to the crew if he mishandle it.Think So ?

Anonymous said...

Born to be be slaves.
Cannot be left alone
Need someone else to tell them what to do
Need someone to provide structure, air-con, toilet paper.
Each and every CCE, manager, etc can retire unless they
got themselves stuck with Aussie property or Sing condo.

Enjoy the work week, slaves!!
I am gonna play golf!

Anonymous said...

People do not want to retire because:

A. There is salary, it pays the bills, it delays using savings
B. They enjoy the influence ( especially in crew dept if in Admin or "executive" grade)
C. They have no hobbies beyond a work environment.

Most forget that once they retire, there will not be any recognition of their office.
Regardless of your appointment, be it SVP or Director, manager, assistant manager, once you leave the company, you are one big ZERO.

So, within SQ, cabin crew, has the biggest ego which will burst instantly when that very elitist airport/STC pass is surrendered.
That is the reason they do not want to retire