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Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Malaysian cabin crew can afford a house in 3 years ...

In its recruitment website SIA stated the starting salary of the cabin crew is between S$4,500 and $5,000 per month. Assuming the crew receive $4,500 a month.
Below is my estimate of how much a foreign crew including Malaysian spends a month on food and accommodation.

  • rental of a room = S$500 per month
  • food and misc    = S$1,000 a month
$4,500 minus $1,500 = $3,000 in savings a month

In 1 year a crew should be able to save $3,000 x 12 months 
= $36,000
13th month basic pay ($1,300) plus bonus (average 2 months bonus of basic pay) =  $3,900. Assuming the $3,900 is for miscellaneous expenditure like buying clothes, vacation etc and is not included in the savings.
In 3 years, the crew would have saved $36,000 x 3 = $108,000 which if translated into Malaysian Ringgit is 108,000 x 3 =  MYR 324,000. With 3 years saving, a Malaysian crew is able to buy a house with a decent piece of land (freehold) in Petaling Jaya or JB etc.

In Singapore, a crew working for 3 years could not even buy a government subsidised HDB 3 roomed flat with a 99 year lease.

Therefore it is a big deal for a Malaysian to join SIA as a cabin crew. The minimum educational qualification needed is  "At least 5 credits in SPM / GCE ‘O’ level and relevant working experience"

The above post is written by me in response to this article.

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