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Thursday, May 2, 2019

A tribute to my ex boss and RP

Eddie J (seated far right), as he is affectionately known is an unassuming ex boss of mine when I was with SIA. He was present at the 27 April Pioneer Cabin Crew Dinner. Had I been in Singapore, I would have attended the function. It would be really wonderful to meet our ex colleagues and Eddie.
It was very generous of RP an ex IFS to sponsor the dinner. RP left SIA many years ago and became an extremely successful businessman (I deliberately left out RP's full name as he may not like me mentioning it)
Looking at the videos and photos, my guess is more than one hundred ex colleagues were present at the dinner. It would have cost RP ten of thousands if not more than $100,000 for the function. Many thanks to RP for making the occasion possible.
Coming back to Eddie J, I want my readers to know that he was a kind and generous boss who was always there for us. Frankly, there weren't many of Eddie J's type in SIA.
I wish Eddie J a long, happy and healthy life!


Anonymous said...

$100,000 or more???
more than 50 people but less than 100 pax
$100,000 means $1K per pax.
Not all can eat that much at that age with gowns.
Not all can drink 2 litres of wine, beer, XO at one sitting.

not more than $30K for the gathering.Peanuts for Bernard.

Boh Tong said...

Correction done,thanks! Who's Bernard? RP?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If that Eddie is so good why didnt he remove CPL when you and the cces were
having a confrontation with him? It was SKW who kicked CPL out of CP.

Anonymous said...

CC is for retirng SVPs.. just play golf, look serious
grace some event, give out long service awards.
Leave the work to foot soldiers at STC, who love to
behave very god-like.

That is why Eddie J is viewed as ok.
wonderful time. just relax. from South Australia golfing
to Laguna .. I also dont mind.

Anonymous said...

"RP was outed bu Shiok boy and I was at the CI." RP was not sacked
but resigned to migrate to Perth where he started his movie link business.
Please don't anyhow say ok!

Anonymous said...

There were two parties; one at the American Club and the other at SCC. Total attendance for both events estimated to be around 145 plus. $20000 more or less is a reasonable estimate.