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Friday, May 3, 2019

Cabin Crew 1963 - 2009


Anonymous said...

Bohtong. I was interviewed by you some thirty years ago in a 5 star hotel. I remembered clearly you tried to throw me off guard to test my reaction. Like how I would react with difficult passengers. You asked a specific question (answer can only be specific) but you intentionally told me something else. You were quite stern looking. I didn’t fall into your trap haha. Invited into management round and the rest is history. Many ah nei in the management and ah nei wanna be secured the dream job more successfully. In the classroom, ah nei said you lot were creme de la creme. The selection process didn’t stop there, one or two were booted out due to SIA stringent appearance check. Talking about you lot were creme de la creme was false. Image is more the key factor. If you were to ask me, I rather be served by a kind cabin crew than a sour faced SIA specific looking crew. There are good days and bad days and crew bring with them different baggages onboard but good personality and attitude crew win most of the time. SIA is still actively recruiting different nationalities and one of the reasons cited not enough pool from Singapore or should we say not enough SIA image proof.

Boh Tong said...

Did I do the right thing by selecting you?

Tripod said...

The senior crew of yesteryears were very caring people.
When crew was hospitalised or confined to their hotel rooms, they
would spread the word around so that whoever was willing, could visit
them. Bringing newspapers, latest news from the dept, etc and basically
bring cheer.

Suggesting a birthday gathering was also spearheaded by them.
Either a meal at a local restaurant or some drinks at the crew lounge.
They were trying to create camaraderie and close bonds.


Boh Tong said...

Tripod you have left one of the most positive comments which I think
many "silent" readers of this blog will appreciate. Thank you and we
hope will come back and say more nice things about our crew :)

Anonymous said...

SARKA CHUA.LTruly happens as the IFS was the hub of being a Crew.Somehow along the way,the spirit got lost.More built in checks,to generate work for the team and therefore the needs for CCE to exist.Of course,empty the space to fill in with managements to oversee the CC,otherwise why need them.SKW,CPL,realise the cost savings,kpi and mini empires within and seek to cut them them.Mizhail Lampar can give one check,next flight another which of course ponders which side of the bed he awakes on each flight,which of course lead to being spike on board.Generally,using lips and eyes to work while the crews have to physically toil shows the divide.When it ends ,not one juniors bat an eyes,good riddance.To show to be elite force,generates ill will,grouping,gathering here.Can note some done well,leeching well and getting fats and karma visited include marrying WC,and flying to darkest continent seen.Some bad deeds done,so own up.