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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Reason I've changed the comment setting

It is strange that after I've changed the "anonymous comment" setting to "comment with Gmail" account a week ago, there is zero comment posted.
Reason I changed the setting is because I don't want people to post frivolous and offensive comment anonymously and get away with it. If you want to comment with the current setting you will need a Gmail account and I can hold you responsible with what you said.
If you read all the previous comments, you will notice at least 80% of them were offensive or unproductive. I believe those comments were made by ex or current disgruntled crew who want to use this blog to vent their frustration on SIA or some individual crew whom they hate.


Boh Tong said...

Oh ya I forgot to add that I would rather have zero comments
than having those that are rude, offensive, bitter,childish and

SUNNY GALE said...

You got it right dude. The reason why your blog is not that popular even after so many years is bec of all the offensive comments which you read all the time. Rather then constructive comment which can help and put topic in perspective, you get negative and nonsensical comments that put people off in wanting to contribute and making constructive comment. This has led to people leaving the blog and visiting it once awhile just like me.

Boh Tong said...

Thanks Sunny for your comment and opinion. I tried to be democratic
and allow even negative comments but it did not augur well for my blog.
Therefore after much consideration I've decide not to allow "Anonymous"
I hope to "see" you more often :)

SUNNY GALE said...

Yes it is nice to be democratic. Unfortunately this result in just aggressive, nonsensical/ nonessential and irrelevant comments from people hiding on the anonymous platform. Their actions somehow drove off people from wanting to post logical and well thought comment. It is better to stop it, afterall you are not getting the desired comment from being democratic. All you get are trash. For example when I come across something interesting in your blog and when I click on comments (thinking that I could read logical opinion of others), it ended with eh.... Trash comment and personal attack kind of nonsense. Out of 5 comments, all 5 can be trash in nature. The best part of it all is when u take out the anonymous feature it result in eh again.... they don't have the balls to comment. You are better off now by taking it away.