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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Suck up and life will be easy in cabin crew

"Cabin crew culture is not easy to adapt if one is not the flexible type. However, if one is able to immerse in the culture then life will be comfortable. To immerse means to always look up to the seniors and curry favour them. To socialise during layovers is also important. To be honest, this culture has been there since day one and nothing can change this practice.
In my career, I noticed that those who are able to suck up to the seniors will be the ones who will get away with "murder" and climb the ladder to higher promotion.
Passengers are easier to please than the senior crew. I have left the airlines and must say that I am not one of those who suck up to the seniors nor the office management staff and hence did not get promoted easily."

Above is a contribution by an ex cabin crew.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

BT what is that comment above allowed to be published. This person is talking rubbish which is irrelevant to the post. Besides I do not even understand what he is trying to say. Delete it please or else your blog will lose its credibility!

Boh Tong said...

Ok it is being removed. Thanks for telling me.

Anonymous said...

To suck up to the seniors,it that legitimate and how far need to do to survive.Does management aware or allow that as it could be beyond one skill and job specification as a CIC.Sleeping up to seniors consider guaranteed fast lane to rank,or as the case of Maid Mariam to IFSS an aberation ?Above statement does not bode well for a listed Co,having HR Dept and many employees.Either give factual cases of in the case of the Comments removed by Admin truthfull.Which ?Somebody personally named ?Your Blog has more Credibility if you stick to the truth,same as saying RP left ir resigned,I was at the CI,what is more truthfull.But its good that he made good when he was out.Remember BT,we know the truth,dont try to gloss over.The strength of your Blog is supported by Truth,so help you God.Some will be discomforted by the Revelations coming years later,it does not change what one done in the past.Here in this Blog,lies a body of truth.!

suc king said...

Every job requires sucking up to seniors.
From Peoples Association to Meng Seng hardware store.
No one gets recognised and promoted based purely on work alone.

sucking is a reality in real life.

ask your mum & dad

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I once had a CCE on the flight to MAA ( Madras ) CCE was formerly an IFS.
Going as pax, maybe to check the padi field or visit Temple to seek forgiveness.

I noticed only after airborne. Shiny head among a sea of Indian heads.
I tried sucking by inviting up to JCL..there were empty seats in a row.

He did not want to be sucked. and looked miserable due his large frame wedged next to a window seat. Cant say I did not try sucking... when people dont want to be sucked.

He still in STC... king of the mountain with several condos to his name. Maybe he sucked others...