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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Anil said SIA is not overrated as claimed by some people

 Anil Bharadwaj, who studied Airline Economics wrote the following regarding Singapore Airlines:

No. It is not.
It is one of the best airlines in the world in terms of quality of services, rated a 5-star airline by Skytrax, along with Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Qatar Airways being others in the league. An airline can win a 5-star when it qualifies with an average 5-star rating in around 100 different facets of quality standards among their products. It is a commonly known fact that an airline like this has an economy seat offers a service that is above par with the service offering of a First Class Ticket of any airline based in the United States. Talk about inflight staff - they are trained when they are recruited for 6 months. That's almost like going to school, longer than a training period for imparting training to a pilot. Talk about safety - just one fatal crash in 68 long years of service. Talk about fleet - it has some of the youngest fleets in the world. Talk about connectivity, talk about frequency, Singapore Airlines stands out in anything. That being said, Singapore Airlines is just rightly rated, nothing more-nothing less.👌👌👌👍👍👍

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The Guru said...

Someone's trip report on the SQ212 (SYD-SIN) in F recently:

Flew SYD-SIN on the SQ212 in F recently and was definitely a hint disappointed. I was the only passenger in F on the flight (77W) and, since it is a breakfast/lunch service, I was not expecting caviar or the full meal fixings. Had a nasi lemak at breakfast and the lobster thermidor (BTC) for lunch. Meals overall were good, not great, although that's always been my experience on SQ. I like but have never really loved the food.

I hadn't been in F on the 77W before and didn't super love the seat. I almost prefer the J cabin on the 77W. The F seat is so hard I had to request an extra pillow to sit on. The padding on the cushion on my seat was simply worn out and incredibly thin. Then the bed itself...also very hard and I found it challenging to create an optimal sleeping position.

Breakfast was a nice enough service, but I was expecting a bit more from lunch. There was only a starter and bread served before the main course. I had anticipated a salad of some kind but I guess that's not part of the SQ lunch service.

I also had a mixed experience with the crew. While they were incredibly polite, I did feel a bit overlooked during the flight. During breakfast I asked for a cup of tea, and they never offered a refill even after clearing the empty when they brought the main dish. During lunch I asked for a glass of wine. They brought it to me with the starter and never came back around to refill it. I had to ring the call light to request a refill. About 45 minutes out from Singapore I saw a member of the crew walk by with immigration cards. I waited until they began prep for landing to mention I needed one and only then did they bring it around. The F cabin crew both knew I was terminating in SIN as we had talked about it during boarding and during lunch.

Now, I don't travel longhaul F very often (this was a treat). But I have flown most of the top-rated products - EK, CX, JL, LX, LH - and would choose any one of them over this SQ product. That simply comes down to seat comfort. I would not want to spend 12+ hours on the 77W product. The seat is uncomfortable in both upright and bed positions. I'd even prefer AA or BA over the SQ hard product. I'd definitely stick with SQ J for future flights.