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Friday, July 19, 2019

Exercise that may help/prevent stroke and heart attack

Many crew, especially the ones over the age of 50 suffered from stroke and heart attack. The most recent is that of an IFM who is now in ICU after collapsing at the SIA sports club badminton court.
Above is the video which may help you. Try this simple exercise and it may improve your blood circulation which in turn may prevent you from having stroke or heart attack.


Choo Peh Kee said...

Do more physical work or workout instead of eye exercise or lips service,being a Manager gravitates to.Avoid high chloesterol food like FC,or Japanese and go for plain veggies.And of course lots of blessing by crew working together.Gather good vibes and invisible good karma.One Regina L had a brain bleeding while on board,and whether its pressure cooker type of work on board or supportive management especially their immediate helps a lot.Prior to Regina L blood clot in brain,he was acting weird and over the limit including handever,including blaming catering portion when its totally auto mode and take whatever is given.Nevertheless,this incident did not stop me from visiting him,but it does not help,and due being on duty while it happens,nothing was being known probably boarded out.But in this case,it seems to be off duty,and expense will be prohibitive and on its own unless insurance covers.Which ever the case,humility and Godfearing and respect for crews junior is good.Dont be one we have to pray for and put all his good karma to show one needed to live longer.

Unknown said...

Ah Choo please paragraph your horribly long comment!

Choo Peh Kee said...

Everything is not black or white, this is not COI on Pofma where it is a yes/no answer.The lawyers will be out if jobs,and writers get paid peanuts,which is not what is needed to survive here.Mr Unknown, simpletons are not well paid, this is not 500 pages long,so why get uptight ?It takes hundreds of thousands of cash to generate a video to fix opponent,says the Police Chief up north why pay less,one need lots of $$ to live daily and comfortably,more words mean more hits,eyeballs and so cash generated.If one cannot stand worditis,stop reading and close your mind,brain,and so on. For eg,in defence of my comments, created multiple in responses,go to Nursery Rhymes for simple shorter comments, not 99 shades if gray,fried rices,don't be paralyse.Stop reading when your brain cannot process, there are actually more fried rice versions including, crab,prawn and whatever versions,go back to your plain rice version. You might be surprise at the out of the world taste,many a death row request for crab version.Peace to you.