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Friday, July 19, 2019

Good news: Howard has regained consciousness

I was told that Howard has regained consciousness but is still too weak to receive visitors. He is able to talk and would like to thank all those who had prayed for his recovery.
As this is an open blog, Howard's face is blurred to protect his privacy.
Does anyone know what has happened to IFM Edgar and IFM Garry who also had stroke last year?

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Choo Peh Kee said...

Too many IFM's having strokes,common factors too sedentary management style and insufficient physical eforts leading to unhealthy build up in heart circulation ?We are also interested in the figures of those previous cases.By the Co handling case should be the following:no extensions,stress circulations to show efficiency of the heart and likely repeat or recurrences.Chances of getting back to job unlikely.Similarly to passengers not suitable for air travel,its costly and disruptive to seek medical attention en route.Continuing treatment when stricken on board while on duty ensures complete coverage,while off duty stricken will end in medically boarded out or nil extension.Its a vast diffence in cost,borne by self or the Co.Whichever the case,one should decide on living or risking recurrence while on board,on duty.Historically,Derrick,Paul,passed,so a pattern emerges.What can you infers ?Do you think its too high risk ?