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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Things I wish my bosses had done to me (a post from 9 years ago)

Got rid of me at an earlier age eg. around 30

Not nice to me so I could have quit earlier

Disciplined me for being such a likable person

Taught me to be mean and shrewd like them

Disallowed me to fly to so many countries and into
different times zones cos I now have sleeping problem

Made me worked like crazy for my salary and bonuses

Shouldn't allowed me to have too many coffee breaks whilst
working in the office cos I am now a caffeine addict (kopi-O was 30 cts but now 80 cts)

Should have discouraged me from smoking cos cigarettes are
too expensive now (Marlboro red is now $11.80?)

Be good if they kicked me each time I sipped the Black Label
cos now I am a penniless alcoholic who could only afford toddy

Stopped me from eating aircraft food like caviar,pate,cheese and other rich ones cos now I am having gout,high cholesterol level

Should have booted me out at the first round interview when I did my self-intro under the influence of alcohol(interviewers aso alcoholic la..same gang mah....hahaha)

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