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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Cabin crew union election

The nomination started yesterday and ends on 27 August. The period covers the longest flight pattern of 9 days so as to give those crew who want to stand for the election to submit their nomination. The same goes for the voting period which also stretches for 9 days.
As far as I know there will be 2 main parties contesting i.e. the incumbent Heart Party and the main opposition Voice Party. There may be a few crew standing as independent candidates. Choice Party which was dethroned by Heart in 2015 is trying to make a comeback but is unsuccessful because it does not have enough candidates. This time round each party will field 30 candidates instead of 20 as in 2015.
The campaigning which will commence from 27 till 31 August will be interesting. If you want to see some actions, visit Changi Airport Terminal 3 basement where the cabin crew control center is situated.


The Guru said...

August 20, 2019 at 10:29 am (Quote)
Overrated airline where the cabin crew are nicer to ang mo passengers. No wonder FTs are bullying locals.

August 20, 2019 at 11:13 pm (Quote)
@ Realistically:
Thank you, mate! Glad you still remembered the SIA history from over 16 years ago during the SARS epidemic.

I always believe that Private Sector initiatives were critical for the health of an economy, not brutal State Intervention & physical threats from a tyrant to cower people into giving concessions for the State Enterprise’s profitability.

In early 2000s Tony Fernandes met with M’sian PM Mahathir to lay down the beginnings of Air Asia, the first budget Airline in Asia. The rest as they say was history! M’sia became the 1st mover in today’s Budget Airline operator in Asia while S’pore & SIA are following behind in it’s slipstream eversince.

SIA around 2003 not only extracted concessions from their flight crew including pilots; but also brutally laid off many ground staff including Cabin Service Quality ground staff permanently. Emirates Airlines at that time snapped up those laid off SIA redundant staff to upgrade their own cabin service quality. Since then, Emirates Airlines had won many accolades for their cabin service quality for many years while SIA own cabin service quality actually declined year-on-year.

Today, expatriates now prefer travelling on Gulf Airlines (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar airways) for their corporate travel instead of being on SIA for the long haul trips.

The Guru said...

Someone posted about his recent trip on Qatar Airways Business Class:

His comments:
I'm done with SQ. Qatar product is so much better.

Doha first lounge is 100x nicer than SQ.

Biz meal is like first

You can compare with someone's recent trip report on SQ Business Class from SIN to London, just look at the food presentation and snacks compared to Qatar's:

SQ ranked world's no.2 in 2019's Skytrax is just overrated!! The difference is so huge!!

Sam Chui recently flew on Oman Air First Class to London...really a very impressive airline!! Watch 8min10secs, inside the Oman Air First Class lounge, there is Suntory Hibiki 17 years and Hennessy Paradis!! In Business Class there is a choice of hot & cold towels, just like Qatar Airways! Please watch!!