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Thursday, August 1, 2019

The steward addressed me as "Luke"

I was sitting quietly in my seat and not even watching the free movies when a young good looking steward came up to me and addressed me as "Luke". Not many crew in the airline knew my Christian name and straightaway, I knew the steward must have been one of my seminar (for cc wannabes) attendees or a buyer of my e-guide. My guess was correct because in a soft low tone he told me he was a buyer of my e-guide that helped him passed the SIA cabin crew interview. He had failed the cc interview a few times but after studying and following the instructions in my guide, he finally secured the job.
"Thank you very much Luke for helping me realised my dream" he gratefully told me.
This was the second time I've met cabin crew who've either through my e-guide or attended my seminars on the flight. The first case was a stewardess who was successful after attending my seminar for cc wannabes. She failed half a dozen times before attending my seminar.
As a matter of interest, I've helped some 500 wannabes become cabin crew with SIA (majority), JAL, Emirates, CX, MI etc. It gives me a sense of achievement to help these young men and women realised their dream!

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