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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Will Voice be in hot soup?

Voice Party in its election manifesto has accused Heart Party (the incumbent) of giving away the cabin crew transport during its tenure. This is a false accusation and as I see it, Voice may be facing a lawsuit if Heart want to pursue the matter.

It is easy for the opposition to attack the incumbent for not doing this and that and for giving away the crew's rights and perks. However, if the accusations are false and cannot be substantiated then a lawsuit can and must take place. In writing an election manifesto, one must not falsely accuse the opponent. The manifesto should be constructive and highlight the things a party will do for the members if it is elected. Also, the election manifesto should not be long winded and should not be more than 5 pages. Not many would want or have the time to read a 16 page manifesto. 


freely said...

Its very obvious Boh Tong is for Heart Party. Felt let down by Heart coz shortly after Heart got elected...Alan wanted to step down to make way for 'new blood' to lead the team. I don't know why eventually that didn't take place and Alan continued ......internal power struggle?? The part on Heart that felt crew need to go thru interviews to get extended for retirement cannot make any sense....coz there's no transparency. Whats the requirement to work till 58/60/62/63/64/65??? Bottom 20% no chance? How many crew can work till 65yrs?? Whats the criteria?? If an agreement has been signed and must be practised...there cannot be quota/top 10% only/selected few....?? This cannot be called retirement extension if its only for the selected few. Is this the what SIA practise in the office too?
VOC....pax would think this is 1 channel to send compliments for crew...but that's not the case. Why isn't compliments counted from VOC??
I feel HEART party should live to their tag....must really hv a HEART......

NoChoiceNoVoiceNoHeart said...

When Vernon and crew were in power, they did not help me when I needed help. When Alan and heart took charge, rest assured when you called, someone will help you. I did Hkg Sfo, on my flight were 2 crew helping out from voice. Every layover station, HLF and Sfo the delegates were there. 1 Malaysian girl helping told us she was rostered on the pretext of finding crew discounts in Hong Kong for crew “welfare”. Now we know why they are so eager to get voted in.
Vote Heart my Friends, we know only they have a heart for crew

Choo Peh Kee said...

Outcome of the suit would be negotiated settlements including publication in local of apology.It shows the coming of age of CC,it would be great after this.The christian way of forgiveness can also be the negotiated,such skills in fighting for rights,doing rights for CC welfare,notwithstanding the external force like LC Airlines and Oil supported Airlines,also threatening CC.Such skills can go beyond CC,since another CC went into politics.Shades of our last great Late Unionist Doraisamy.Cheaper,faster,better cannot replace experience.We are watching the fireworks with anticipation,make CC great again.