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Has the cabin crew union been doing a good job? Well see here

Saturday, September 7, 2019


Anonymous said...

Now the days of reckoning is near
3 more days to the Crews Victory
Mark down 1 to 30 the Heart
Help make choice of evil voice
Dissapear forever and make CC great
Yes Voicer delivered by putting on a plate
Your rights,tenure,more turnaround,less off
Getting less and less just to be a puppy,led by the Evil Demon,devil Stony
Like evil Thanos snack his finger,
All CC,were burned,all crews were #crewed
Fooled me once,its not cool
Fool me again,it confirm
a fool doing the wrong
Once given on a plate,can never get back
So fellow CC,be like the warriors the Avengers,Help rid the Resident Evil,
Probably made a pact with Evil
Wonder Woman,Captain CC,do your skills
The 3000 Crews each a Hero
Mark 1 to 30,Alan Tan need your vote
The Voicer,led astray,come back to the right way
Use the sacred stones,Eliminate Voice
And on the wall of Famer,afraid the other Wall of Shame
Repent and come back to Rights
Then altogether make CC greater.

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew is full of losers these days.
If anything less than 90% voted, it reflects very badly on the masses themselves.
No one wants to be accountable for the consequences of their action or inaction.
Everyone waiting for someone else to become the hero before they try to seek advantage and gain rewards.

When things go south, it’s the NOT ME again.
I DIDNT VOTE thingy .
They feel that they’re NOT culpable by not voting but a TOTAL victim when things go wrong.

This is the breed of people today.
Spineless and ignorant.
Mostly your children.
Their generation.

Anonymous said...

The Avengers of CC,Wonder Woman FSS and FS,Ironmen all
Come to the voting box,you are needed
Since only Crews can travel the six corners
Put in the gems onto the slots glove of power
And unleash the mighty powers within
Use your five powerfull fingering
And mark 1 to 30 for Alan Tan
Let the Endgame Begins,obliterate Thanos,the Demons and Stony Voicer
To forever gone from CC,the Devil,and evil incarnate
Who gave all away in a plate
For himself a cookies,and CC members nothing left to hold
And doubters say you wont vote or spoil
Vote before your flight,join the tide
And snap your fingers to rid the Voice
Of doubt and together,dont fool CC
Ironman in all crews,#crew the Voicer
He who dont serve the fellow Crew
Deserves to be blast to smithereen
Ironman FS and Wonder Woman FSS gather to face off those Voicer from the dark
Shut them up forever more,even the score,let 1 to 30 wins again
Put the Voicer to shame
And do the right thing,the Heart beat strong again
Always good for the body,let it flows,and glow.
May CC be great again.