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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Business Traveller voted SIA "Best Airline in the world" and more

Singapore Airlines was once again a major winner, winning the overall award for Best Airline in the World and Best Asia-Pacific Airline for the 19th year running. The airline also held on to the awards for: Best First Class and Best Economy Class, while Qatar Airways picked up the Best Business Class award this year. Singapore Airlines also won Best Premium Economy Class and claimed the prize for Best Frequent-Flyer ProgrammeCathay Pacific picked up the Best Airport Lounge award again this year.

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The Guru said...

The joke is SQ won World's Best Airline for 19 consecutive years!! The voters must be the same group of people who only have flown on Singapore Airlines and no other airline for 19 years!!

Another joke is SQ won Best First Class!! Long list of items that SQ First Class does not have & still can be best First Class!!

1. The lounges are not fantastic, mediocre at best. Do not even have a sleeping bed, no free Spa and massage.

2. No mother of pearl spoon when serve caviar in First Class. In fact, crew does not know what is a mother of pearl spoon. Caviar only limited to lunch & dinner in First Class, other airlines have it even for supper.

3. No chauffeur to & from airport.

4. No choice of hot or cold towels served on a towel plate like many airlines like ANA, Qatar Airways, Garuda Indonesia, EVA Air.

5. No baggage stand for First & Business Class passengers' baggage at the carousel like Garuda Indonesia & Lufthansa First Class in SIN T2.

6. No arrivals lounge in SIN like Qatar Airways, British Airways, Etihad Airways, ANA.

7. Their A380s do not even have a lounge area, bar, self service area with snacks.

Please call a spade a spade!!

The Guru said...

After being seated, the 'First' experience begun. The purser as well as the crew serving our aisle came round to introduce themselves, update on the flight time, as well as did a quick introduction of the seat features. Wow, I have never expected that as a non-status passenger in business class! Even SQ doesn't do this in Business Class (unless you are a PPS maybe?), though I vaguely recalled that TG crew also introduced themselves on my last flight with them. There were 3 crew serving the full cabin of 22 passengers. Following this, our welcome beverage orders were taken (any drink from the menu), menus distributed, as well as an offer of hot or cold towel! Wow, you mean I can actually choose to have a cold towel?? I chose to have the signature lemon-mint drink along with an ice cold towel served on a towel tray. Already, I was very impressed by the ground service upon boarding.

You yourself is a inflight service manager with Singapore Airlines before. Do you do this to every Business Class passenger regardless of status in the cabin? Very impressive service on Qatar Airways right? I don't make up stories. Whatever I mention are FACTS. I do not gain anything by thrash talking my own national airline. I used to adore Singapore Airlines since I was a kid in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s while you were still in service!! But that was in the past!!

Anonymous said...

Guru you don't have to come here and badmouth SQ. I suggest you stop flying
with SQ so please don't come here and be a nuisance!

The Guru said...

Hello there!
I never badmouth SQ. What good do I get? What I stated are FACTS to wake you people up from living in the past! If I badmouth SQ, means what I stated are made up. We all care about SQ that's why I need to voice out!! Only ignorant and narrow-minded people will keep adoring SQ without checking the facts!

Anonymous said...

Agree. SQ is overrated.

Benjamin Teo said...

Ignore The Guru. He is also posting as the user vsepr in SQTalk and Flyertalk. He has been banned from SQtalk already for trolling so now making use of Bohtong's blog to replace SQtalk. Bohtong, I suggest you do the necessary.

Irritated said...

The Guru is a darn irritating commenter. Ya BT should ban him right away!

Benjamin Teo said...

The Guru's thread in Flyertalk has been locked. Guess Bohtong is going to get more business from The Guru soon.