These days I blog a lot about Hong Kong because I like and am concerned about HK. I had my first international nightstop in HK way back in 1968 and somehow is quite sentimental about the place and people.
I hope HK will returned to normality again.
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Friday, September 6, 2019

Changing guard by Heart ...very smart and professional


The Guru said...

Someone posted the meal photos of SQ600 (5hrs 55 mins flight) in facebook group and commented: 
航空膳食藝術坊 Art Home of Aviation Catering
Singapore Airlines SQ 600 (depart 8:00 am, arrives 3:35 pm) Singapore to Seoul
"Despite an 8am flight, lunch was offered two hours after takeoff! They used to serve brunch after takeoff and then refreshment prior to arrival! The Korean meal was nice but no soup was offered!"

Someone commented in the post: Cost cutting measures going to the extreme.

Wow...if you take this flight, you going to be hungry when the plane lands in Seoul at 3.35pm!

Boh Tong said...

Guru, pls post your comment under the appropriate post.
This post is about changing of guard (union)

Anonymous said...

Life and death issues of CC,and you complain about food.Go to correct channel.