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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Choice and Voice supporters are voting for Heart

Some of Choice's ex-supporters cast their votes in favour of Heart (1-30) this time. They told Heart people they were disappointed with Choice of which some present candidates in Voice Party were from. They have stopped supporting them and as evidence that they voted Heart, they produced some photos of the ballot papers in which they shaded candidates from 1 to 30.


Anonymous said...

Is this a desperate attempt by Heart ??
If u are good & credible ... u will win....
Don’t use these tactics.... getting tired!!

Tony said...

Heart is a credible and honest party but the sad thing
is the opposition is corrupting the minds of the naive
junior crew to vote for Voice like in 2010 when Choice
was voted into power. We had enough of Choice and Voice which
is an offspring of Choice. For that stupid act, cc had to
suffer for 4 years under Choice!

Anonymous said...

Hard truth,Choice of Voicer flipping like prata
Once can fool only 1 term,#crewing CC like no body else in history of CC.Go forward,led by Alan Tan and Heart into the highway,to greater height,safe and secured for crew and family.Dont let the voicer leads thru bad leader like Stony,into the byway,sideway,giving away all,just for selfie and in good book.No way,CC can accept again the past when they were in power.The media savvy young CC can dig out the past records of Voice,more like a small whimper in the dark.Let Alan Tan lead Siasu to the higher and higher,for all CC.On the 10th,the returns will astound and turn the Voicer into Rouges Gallery.Watch it then.

Anonymous said...

Even the names are stupid. Choice, heart?

Anonymous said...

Choice is stupid agreed.Voice even more so.Heart ?Keeps you alive,pumping till you go.Good heart means goodness,black means evil,red means lifelong and it stays that way if one is alive,include you.In the realms of simplicity,Xtsian or whatever is easier than Xerox,dead,boac,died,Internet ?Russia ?Commies ?Then use what ?

Anonymous said...

IMHO as insider...
The oldies talk a lot, no time to step up..
No balls to speak out.
All big talk but kowtow kings.
Briefing like Sunday mass.
Everything in their head is about extension.
Extension must work, not just to enjoy money and be a nuisance on board by disrupting service and being completely outdated.

The youngest gens, very self-serving and self-centered.
Me, me, me.. what can they do for me??? Me and only me.
Not interested in anything beyond themselves, Netflix and chill.
Overly protected bubble wrap and sessile conned.
Higher education but not street smart.
Very narrow minded, unfortunately.

And there are the REGULAR CUSTOMERS who forever seeking favours via back door solutions and who throw around the fact that they paid $9 every month.
Like their $9 very powerful.
Never try to hold hostage with your cheap money talk to those doing their best to represent you.
Want to table with no facts or constructive solutions.
Kena table back, called unionist swanky.

Who do you want to represent you?
Customer service officer?
Then go to Starhub. For useless customer service.

If the company is fair, there’s no need for union.
If you’re unionist is meek, they’re just ONIONS.

The old ones, please start using your brains.
Some lights are on but nobody’s home.
The young ones treated like school children from the start.
And continue to behave like children.
It’s a collective failure of an older generation that wants to continue working without realising that they have lost their relevance and because they never have to encounter all these checks and balances in their own prime.

If Heart wins, there’s a lot of work to continue..
It’s gonna be tough but not impossible.
There are some very dedicated and smart individuals.
The ones that engages , seeking constructive solutions and never run away from you.
Not those callefare, messenger types.

If Voice wins, good luck.
Whole life mudsling.
Then CC would have proven that they don’t deserve proper representation.
The continuity will be lost as some from Heart’s new gen will never come back.

Don’t know, can teach.
Stupid, cannot help.
We shall see the final count.