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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Heart 2019 election video by Boh Tong


Hearties said...

Well Done Heart Party ♥️

ex Choice supporter said...

Heart is a good party which care for the welfare
of all cc regardless whether one is against it or
one is a Voice or Choice supporter.

Anonymous said...

Its more than that,war over,the winner,of course Alan Tan.
Man of the hour to pull to victory
President Elect,giant of a Crew
What made him a winner,he rather resigned than gave away the rights
A runaway winner 3 to 1,which ever place,the voters not fooled
The Heart took leave for the votes
Sacrifice comfort and to fight another day,to represent CC ,second time around.
A record for Unionism,for Siasu and CC
Time for Voicer to repent,share the spoils
What Heart fight for feeds Voicer and all
Fair work for safe working condition,protectiom for members
Dont CI,DI like Fried Rice Paradise
Kick,it into the hole in the ground
Or be construcive and offers counselling
Being an Aircrew needs special handling
Now to end this tribute to Alan Tan,you done well,and keep it up
The late Doraisamy would have approve
May CC,together make CC greater and Higher