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Sunday, September 15, 2019

"HEART-felt" thanks

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Anonymous said...

A gracious note for a Victory by Heart Party. However,it would be an incomplete if the Voicer do not come together to enjoy the fruits together. Any mode or methods that protect workers health and safety for the Crew on board,deserve their own special and dedicated handling, not in the mantra of service at all cost, not passenger is blindly right, there are cases of toxic and intoxicated,as in the case of Complaint Executive Winnie,who tries to suck up frivolous and,any call from her is loaded. Finally made her match,got replaced,or the previous case if AO,who gave all photo of crews on board, for complaint, to point and choose. The Union,then step in.Or the case of long pants for FS,one Manager suggest a one size and shortened for different Crews.Shot down.Or the side way airlader storage in FC. It goes to show, Unions needed for every SOP
,in an effort to please their master, inconvenience arise.Or premier Economy, a hastily thought procedures. In order for CC service to go higher, immediate response by Crews,maybe emergency skills needed, not tired and jet lagged. Diversity in thought and personality can improves and enhance services, including sacred cows ,old logs and stuck in the bog procedures. You need a Lion to stand the ground, not a mice with a squeaky voice.Alan is the Man,fronting the Siasu, defender and defending CC,facing bump head-on,but did it his way,or the highway. Voicer can rise again if the sliver of discontent exit for the next four years.