Cool Autumn Evening

Has the cabin crew union been doing a good job? Well see here

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Heart Party 1 --30


Anonymous said...

Alan Tan the best so far
Your Choice offshoot going got voice
Asking for help,Hello press 1,
Take a panadol and hope for the best
Press 0 for the Operator, 9 for the rest
Now four years of this Voicer in the Air
Where were they when Crew is in trouble
Counting something else on the double
Now you got Heart no on your phone
Pronto, what's the problem, come we make it gone
This is what your Unions's for
Saving crew's problem onboard some more
Heart Party is here for you
Feel to your heartbeat,its near to you
No need to listen some distance voice
All talk no action, it's was that remember
Fours years back,Stony was there ,advised by
Demon ,outsider, unscrupulous, dishonest, ask the old boys, And give yourself a chance, don't leave to chance Go Vote Alan Tan
Heart Party,Been for you,your welfare always there

Anonymous said...

Vote Alan Tan for four more years
Closer to you,near to you
Fighting for your rights as CC
Alan left rather than agree to less
Its shows the mettle of a man
Make a stand,fearless and bold
Not a voice in the dark,no action
Or defending,talking like Management
Its not football,where it got fix
The lifestyle of CC,need to be great
Back to Glory Days,dont go for Voice
Proven Crew were badly #crewed
Some lost their livelihood,and where Stony,jogging in East Coast jogging
Be wise ,crews young and wise
Media dont lies,we seen it all
Vote for Heart,now thats Smart