Friday, September 13, 2019

Heart will have a hard time facing off cc management

Although Heart Party has won the cabin crew union election, it will have an unenviable 4 year term of trying to fend off the "ball" with which the cabin crew management is trying to put into its "goalmouth". This may sound like a soccer match in which it has scored the only precious goal and management is desperately trying to equalised. Heart has no other choice but to play a defensive game with minutes to go.
The airline is undergoing some sort of restructuring better known as "Transformation". It is looking into ways of preventing the company from being non-profitable. SIA has repeatedly make money but the amount is getting smaller and smaller as the years go by.
Heart is walking on the tightrope. Being a responsible union, it must try to keep its members, the 8,500 strong cabin crew, happy with whatever take home pay, perks etc it is currently enjoying and at the same time making sure the airline is as profitable as ever.
In my opinion, Heart has to work very hard to persuade the cc management that its programme of "Transformation" must not hurt the crew's morale nor its pocket.


Anonymous said...

Yes won the small Victory over Voice,it also has to win over the no vote members who abstain by not giving assent im public.The enemies at the gate,LC Airlines and Middle East Air.Better to have men of principles like Alan Tan than Stony under Voice who,negotiate by giving all on a plate.Heart will be tested,again and again by offers by you know who,only that blood cannot be squeeze out of stone,and CAS requirements of minimum rest,minimum crewing.In the end,headcount going into sabbatical leaves for longer periods without penalty.All members should share the pain,divide the gains not like unsmart SMRT way.Wont be days of Wine and Roses yet,but definitely,MH lose is SQ gain.Releasing Crew through no rhymn,and based purely on single reasons should be fought all the way,better to have recompense like ending contract on months of Jan for tax effects.Hearts will have better record than Voice in 2011,the 911 of CC.Now ThaONYos destroyed,dead in the water,pulverise to dust,CC can live again.CC can negotiate with a Lion,Alan Tan or Mice ?One roars by the Manizer,the cheese got left behind.Alan got sharp pointed claws.

English language expert said...

Hey you above there why no paragraph,spacing blah blah?
Stop writing nonsense. We know who you are? That sickening
Choo Peh Kee isn't it?
BT should stop publishing long winded and incoherent comment.

Anonymous said...

You can see ,I am gushing unshamely fan of President Elect Siasu Alan Tan.Anything wrong with that ?Secondly I dont have a notebook,being a poor man,not like you,English Language Expert.BT,and me include truly humbled by your visitation and comments.BTW,can you give lessons on English,or England as EDMW talk,something like SKillfuture Course, I really love to attend offer discount for me being truly touched.As you can note I am fan of MCU superheros,etc.Anything wrong with that ?Apologise is I sicken you,get well soon and fast.Unfortunately or not,eyeballs and blog tend to get paid by the words and longer the scrip,more the tips or click.Cannot compare to your no doubt,MSC in Language or beyond,I only know MCU,or Marvel Comics Series.Beyond comparison as you can see,long winded,yes,incoherent yes or maybe,Kumar did better,and I enjoy a laugh or two.Maybe you can do better,invite me to your Blog,so that I need to see your calibre and capabilities and perhaps be truly astounded by your persona,certainly now overwhelm by your comments.Certainly am touched by your concern if any,Hope this weekend,you need time out and chill by the F1,or Gardens,you one say I am a failing commentator.Not sure though,your thoughts again,Sir English Language Expert.In the company of Greats,I stood under your foot.Sorry.

Boh Tong said...

Actually English Expert is right. Space your comment so it
will be easier for others to read. Please conform,thanks!

anti Union said...

Union should be removed.
Management will do whatever they want to meet Transform goal
If staff are not happy with whatever management does, they will
resign. Those with financial commitments will hang on for dear life.

Ultimately tipping point will occur.
management must deal with it and account to shareholders.

No need union.

Anonymous said...

TPT is the leading goal scorer for management so Alan has to be the goalkeeper
or else it may be 30-0 in TPT's favor.

Anonymous said...

Much better than during 911 of CC,when Stony leads,or rather down into the fire
Instead of rising higher
Thrown into the den of Lion,when CI and DI
Sound like a bad musical,Make Fried Rice Paralyze like a lulaby,Crews resigned
But Alan came back into the Arena
Came back strongly,pull back giving in the the plate
The rights,turnaround and other terms
Working to the bone,to serve the kpi
This in the year 2019,President Elect at the helm
Man of the hour,giant of a Crew
Going to go down in CC history
As the person who save CC,together getting higher
Never rock the lifeboat, when so many depend
Fair work,fair condition, and sufficient hour of rest
Thus members can see, equal pain,equal gains
Not at the expense of one, MH is down,BA on strike, advantage SQ,into the next round
Don't listen to fake new,that Union not needed,
It's got 50 years history,not yesterday
Ignore the loser, ignore the heresay
Siasu shall once again defend the Crew
Overcome adversity, oil prices,and uncertainty.

GoGo Singapore said...

Trade Union is supported by Singapore government, not suka suka can be remove.

What is a trade union

A trade union is any association of workers or employers whose main aim is to regulate relations between employers and workmen for any of the following purposes:

To promote good industrial relations between workers and employers.
To improve the working conditions, as well as the economic and social status of workers.
To increase productivity for the benefit of workmen, employers and the economy of Singapore.