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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

HEART won all seats!

HEART Party led by veteran IFM Alan Tan won all 30 seats contested....Congratulation !!! 👍👌💗


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Siasu Elect Alan Tan
It shows that characters matters
For those who heed BT and my urging
Thanks,it would lead to bring CC higher
Into the hall of Famers,eclipsing all
Even the late Doraisamy,now into Victor march
We hope to meet and drink to this, glad that Alan's Target were met,and those on the sideline does not matter.It goes to show,Voice of Evil is sitting on the sideline,not this time ThaONosY obliterated,the second time,and into dust returns,Endgame,never to bother again.

Anonymous said...

Eddy the maestro of unionism in cc is dead with the defeat of his
proteges Tony and Vernon. Eddy's old outfashioned ways of running down
his opponents does not work in this modern era. The crew are more intelligent
and discerning and cannot be fooled easily.

Anonymous said...

How come it was a landslide victory?

The challengers were really that bad?

Anonymous said...

Its was more than landslide.Worst #hit in history of CC,during 9 11 of Stony,alias ThaONYos,his snap pulverise many IFM and crews undefendered.They were not a challengers,more like misguided Tag Team.As in MCU,Ironman and WonderWoman ,and the Avengers all came to counter by taking the Power Gloves,helped gather by CC,from 4 corners of the globe.Thus Victory is Here again ,CC will gather strength ,higher and higher,says The End Game.Evil must die,CC will rise,all members want it,and their wishes come true yesterday.Alan Tan, blessed and Hall of Famer,2 times president in history.Voicer can repent,know the Truth and enjoy the fruits of the Victorious Hearts.

Anonymous said...

Tried to congratulate President Alan Tan,heard he was on flight in a mission.A great guy,earning his keep,through normal flight,to meet his expense.His greatest sacrifice,is to use his leave,and all to stand up for members.The Best of Alan,gives to CC,the welfare of members,his first priority,CC expected nothing less.The mark of a Leader,he shows the best.