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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Heart's diehard supporters

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Anonymous said...

You can fool me once on 2011
Its not cool ,you are a bloody fool
Fool me twice,its confirm
I am a fool twice over
Deserve to be #crewed again
So,Dudes,read the past,
The Voice of Choice never change
Gave away,instead of hold,crew rights
Whats left is less and less
So God bless CC,and Crew
Make it great,a better place
Raise your family with pride,lgbt led me be
Be bold young dudes,wise up fast
Your rights can be defended by Alan Tan
Give him one more time,yourself one more change
1 to 30,your brothers in arm
Closer to your hearts,Heart Party to stay
Good for you all,do mark it today
The smarter way.