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Has the cabin crew union been doing a good job? Well see here

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It is 9.20 am on a lovely Tuesday warm morning. In the next 2 hr and 40 mins the voting ends. Thereafter, the counting of votes will commence. I understand the counting will be done electronically which means the process will be faster and the margin for human error will be minimised. As soon as I get the results, I will publish them over here.


Anonymous said...

Yes,CC all.Let there be sunshine in the day,and cool night,and the Moonlight to serenade you with gentle
Lullaby.Sleep well CC,because you voted in good and dedicated souls.Willing to sacrifice time and off days too.Rid CC of the Voice of Evil,live forever in #ell.End the #crew the Crews,divided and aimless.ThONaYs,you may hide but can be seen.Brought CC lower than ever.By today 10 of September,the result will show,the revulsion of CC.Long live Alan,God bless the Crew.

Anonymous said...

Ten more minutes,all hell break loose
Either its win for all CC or gone forever
Lose it before,learned and innoculate
Against the #hit given in 2011
Hopefully,sanity prevails,brightness
Against the Axis of Evil,CC has risen
Will it be enough to turn the tide
Fated to slot,abused and overworked
Or will CC shines by giving all
To highest standard winning ways
So that Traveller can see
There is only a Great Way to fly
That is th SIA way,enlightened by Hearts,for Service Par Excellence
From CC,to each their best,nothing else matters,when Pax come first

Anonymous said...

Just curious why everybody despise Tony so much? And why Voice party will bring cc down? Any valid reasons?

Unknown said...

No difference,whoever win.....same outcome..still go to work..

Anonymous said...

Many idiots in CC mostly the higher ranks .Heart has given all in the last CA .Nothing left in CA Voice has so many promises in the manifest all cannot be realisticqlly change .Vote between the devik and the blue sea .Same same

Anonymous said...

In MCU,the Evil Thanos brought terrors and destructions to the world.One snap and the Superheros gathered to fight Evils were pulverise to bits.Too much power,misused and similarly in 2011,the Regime,the Axcee and Choicer/Voicer adviced by Demon,gave away Rights on a plate. Hero Alan was outnumbered,seeing it leads to destruction of CC.Fake Newser Voicer,reins of terror mostly on errors become a hit,mostly #hit ,with CI,Di,the musical like Fried Rice Paradise,seems tame.He was seen reportedly seen Gone Jogging in EC park,when CC was burning,no sound no picture,thats your President voted in.Other details need to come from Crews who were affected.Amazingly,after given away all,got promo,due to in 'good book',blah blah,taking selfies when ,CC was suffering,should be surfing.MCU needed a bad guy,evil,bring down all values,hopefully the results by coming out later,shows good over evil.Somehow,it fits the bill,of Evil Live,stop by Captain Alan Siasu,IronmanFS and Wonderwoman FSS in CC.Ask for more details,of the mouse that lost the tail,probably bitten by all CC,you heard the Squeal ?